Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rebecca's Birth Story

DISCLAIMER: If you are a man, I highly suggest you just quit reading right now and content yourself with the fact that a baby was born, it was hard work and any woman who goes thru it is simply amazing. ;)
Women, you may read along further at your own risk-risk of not wanting to ever give birth! LOL! (however, as I state at the end-that precious bundle to love is so worth every pain;somehow.) Of course, this may serve as a timely reminder to some of you, of your initial vow to -"never go thru this again!" ;)

It all started last Tuesday, Sept. 6. I went in for my Doctor's appointment. I was 41 weeks pregnant exactly. The Doctor hooked me up to the moniter for a NST (stress test). She told me if all looked well, she'd let me go until the following week and then I certainly must have this baby! So, I settled back on the patient table and watched the heart beat of my little one inside. I had been having irregular contractions that morning and part of me wondered-"what if." As I lay there watching the moniter I saw a pattern in my baby's heart rate. It was ranging anywhere from 140-160. Depending on her movement. But then I noticed something that I didn't think was so great. Everytime I'd have a slight contraction, baby's heart rate would drop to 103 or lower. I notified the nurse, who in turn notified the Doctor and she was in my room in a flash. She looked over the patterns on the moniter strip, looked at me and very seriously said "I wouldn't wait much if any longer to have this baby if I were you." During this whole time of monitering, Mike and I had been weighing the pro's and con's of just going in an inducing labor. As much as we didn't like it, it seemed to be a good option at this point. My Doctor was on call for the next 3 days, after which was another Doctor of whom we both didn't really want to deliver me. And then, if we waited until Monday to induce, Mike would be in school the next day when I would be delivering the baby. That was NOT an option! (AND he would be taking a final!) So, we had pretty well decided to go ahead and be induced right away, but.... was this really the right decision? Well, when the baby's heart rate began dropping as it did, we both knew in our heart's that this was God's answer to our wondering. Yes, it was time for baby to be born. So, we went home and prepared to leave for the hospital that late afternoon. With an inducement you have to come in the night before and have a balloon inserted which in turn dilates you to 3-4 cm. When we arrived at the hospital, I thought it was quite interesting that the nurse assisting me had the same name that we had picked for our baby! I also thought it was interesting that we were in the very same room that I had given birth to Nathan in! I got all prepped, the Doctor came and inserted the balloon, and then Mike had to leave for class. Nurses came and went and I was kept fairly occupied for most of the evening until Mike returned. About 9 o'clock contractions got harder and more intense as I dilated more and more. Around midnight I had reached the 3-4 cm. and contractions slowed down and were much more comfortable. I rested and tried to sleep a little bit. Around 3:30 a.m. the nurse came in and began prepping me for the Pitocin drip. (not a fun thing I might add.) All night long the IV that had been inserted in my left hand had been really bothering me. Well, when they began upping the Pitocin dose, my hand began to be excrutiating. They ended up having to stop all IV's and re-insert another IV. Which took 4 tries to get another good spot. And let me tell you, those IV needles are NOT fun. Needless to say, my hands and wrists are pretty bruised up looking! Eventually all that was taken care of. The Doctor came in to check my progress and was pretty ticked that the Pitocin level's had not been raised. The nurse explained the IV trouble and the Doctor checked my progress. 5 cm. Halfway there. It was 6 a.m. She then broke my water. Meanwhile, I am beginning to stress about making sure I get an epidural. I know what Pitocin contractions with broken water are like and I do NOT want to experience them!!!! The nurse tells me they have to get my contractions going regular and hard enough before they let me get an epidural. Finally, it is time. The anesthesiologist comes in and prepares. Mike moves to the other side of the room. Two times watching them insert the epidural needle into my back is enough for him. This time I am in horrible labor pain, trying to hold completely still while they insert the needle. The initial prick of the novocaine hurts enough. But to make matters worse, I feel the little "fish line" of the epidural going down my left leg-and it HURTS! 3 times I felt that and 3 times it was reinsurted. 4th time, my ears start "roaring" (not what you want to happen) finally on the 6th attempt, my epidural is in place and I am pretty well in tears. I lay back onto the bed. My left leg goes numb, but not my right leg. I can still feel a lot, but at least it is deadened a bit. Then the pain begins to get worse and worse and I wonder what this epidural is really doing for me! They check me again, I am at 8 cm. Then baby's heart rate really begins to drop. The nurse calls in another nurse, they have me lay on my side, which is really hard to do while contracting and in so much pain. Then I begin to feel the urge to push. I know in my heart it is time. I can feel the baby's head. It hurts, it's full of pressure. They check me again. I am at a 9, almost a 10. They work the "lip" of the cervix. I am now a 10. I want to push. They let me push a few times, baby's heart rate was not good. Doctor arrives and we get down to business. I am pushing and screaming and crying all at the same time. It was purely awful. Plain and simple. So, I get the baby's head half in half out and the Doctor tells me I can't push. Hold it she says! Pant! So, here I am, baby's head half out, panting and crying and screaming and wanting to get her OUT! However, I cannot. Why? Because baby's umbilical cord is wrapped so tightly around her neck that if I push, she will be choked to death. Doctor had to reach up inside of me and snip the cord off her neck on BOTH sides. Finally she is free and so am I. One final push and that baby slips out. WOW. What a relief!!!! My stomach goes flat-how strange! The nurses rush the baby over to the heated table. Give her some oxygen and rub her down briskly to awaken her and get her going.

There she is! My beautiful, Rebecca Joy. Meanwhile, I am laying there just crying and crying, trying to get my grip on things. It was quite the journey! Finally I am able to calm myself and then begin to shake from all the nerves. The placenta is delivered. I watch the Doctor examine it. "It looks old," she says and points out how she knows this. I notice that the cord is long and very twisted and looks aged as well. "It's a good thing that little gal was born when she was" the Doctor comments. I agree. I am so thankful that the Lord took care of her!
Initially I had guessed that this baby would be 8 lbs 4 oz. But as soon as I saw her, I changed my guess to 7 lbs. 4 oz. She ended up being 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 3/4 inches long. The smallest baby yet! She felt so big and long inside of me! I guess it was all that twisting and turning and moving she was doing!

Perfect little bundle.

Dressed and ready for the ride home! Look at her pretty dark hair! after much staring at her, I decided she did, after all, look much like her sister and her brother... :) She just has a smaller head! Of which I am extremely GLAD!!!
Home now, and so very happy. I am so in love with my dear little Rebecca Joy. She is so precious.
First night at home was not too fun. She was hungry I think. As soon as my milk came in later that night and she had a full belly, she slept really well and was content.
She has a strong will that little one! When she wants to be fed, she wants it NOW! She's a great spitter-upper and has gone through many burp cloths and clothing in the past couple of days! I am just glad the spit up is no longer orange-yellow in color!
I am still wondering how on earth I got to have 3 children! And how on earth I am going to manage taking care of all of them! The kids are adjusting. It will take some time, but we will all adjust.
Anyways, that's Rebecca's (becca's) birth story... hopefully it wasn't too gruesome for you all to read! Hahaha! And, hopefully I haven't scared any of you off from having children either!! :) Every child is worth the pain. However, I am really thinking that 3 is a good number for us. ;)


  1. Wow, that is some story! And even after hearing you tell me part of it, it is still amazing!! I can't wait to meet little Rebecca!! :)

  2. What a story and what a beautiful little girl! I think it's neat that you took the time to write her birth story. I wish I had done that with my kids.

    I feel you on the epidural issues! When they were prepping me for my c/s with O, they had to try 4 different types of needles for my spinal block because none of them were working...after the second try with the second needle they called in another anesthesiologist to help. And then ended up with a spinal headache after all that! So not fun!!!

  3. I'm so glad you didn't have to be rushed to a c-section and the doc was able to cut the cord and she came out fine! Sounds very painful and difficult. But YOU'RE DONE!!! Isn't that a good feeling?

  4. What a wonderful story! I felt your pain! So glad everything turned out with the cord. I only had one epidural for my c-section the rest were natural. I can't imagine sitting still for that while in labor! Beautiful little girl!

  5. Wow, glad the baby and you are ok! I'd be so scared if the baby's heart was dropping. So glad she is ok! She's pretty!