Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Stunningly Beautiful Day

Sabbath- a day of peace, rest and renewal. I love this day the best. As much as I love fellowship at church, I must admit, that today was perfect just being at home. Seeing as how we are all either a bit or alot under the weather, we stayed home and basked in the beauty of a splendid day. The temp today wasn;t above 76* and soooo beautiful and sunny and breezy and blue skied. Loved it. We went around the property this morning taking pictures and enjoying it, came inside for a tasty lunch and then went on a peaceful drive through the country. It's naptime now and I am ready for it! Afterwards, the children are going to decorate some jar-lids that we are turning into magnets for the fridge! Enjoy the pictures! Sky View
The beauty of a Rose

Freshly rolled hay in neighbor's field

My little man-growing up!

Childlike Innocence

Part of our flock of 25 chickens. I love them!


A tasty lunch- a new gluten steak recipe-delish, broccoli, garlic bread and watermelon

One of the stunning views on our afternoon drive


  1. You really do live in a beautiful spot. And have beautiful children. :) Glad this day was so restful for you.

  2. Love the pictures of Hannah and Nathan holding hands! Aren't those gluten steaks yummy? We had the left overs for supper last night! :)