Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on the Baby Front

Here's my precious bundle of joy! My sweet Rebecca. She is such a good little baby. For the first few days she had her nights and days mixed up, but she figured it out relatively quickly and settled into a pretty good routine. Basically this-sleep most of the day, wake up about the time the other kids go to bed and get "rowdy" for several hours-or until 11:30- and then fall asleep until 2 a.m. or so. Then she'll go back to sleep until 5 or 6. Wake up, nurse, poop, spit up so that she needs her outfit changed, nurse some more, and then fuss with her paci for about an hour. Drop off to sleep around 7 a.m. (right about that time the little man comes in and is awake for the day.) Then she'll sleep until around 10 or so, wake to eat, and then drop off to sleep again for quite some time. In fact, I typically have to wake her to eat several times throughout the day. She detests a wet or ewwy diaper and it must needs be changed directly. And we don't like to burp. No siree-it's not fun and it is protested very loudly. And if it's time to eat, boy howdy, we want to eat now!
She's becoming more alert now when she is awake and looks around with her big dark eyes.
If I'm singing while I'm nursing her, she'll stop nursing and look at me with her eyes big and round and contented. She seems to really like music.
She really likes warm water and enjoys her bath.
She is quite enthralled with her brother and sister and will stare at them for long period's of time. Nathan likes to play patty-cake with her and he also likes to stuff her paci in her mouth-whether she wants/needs it or not. Also a must on Nathan's list-if Rebecca is in her swing, the music MUST be playing to coincide with the rocking. Oh yes, we dare not turn the music off. ;) He is quite protective, careful and loving with his baby sister. He loves her so much.
Hannah is the doting little mother and offers many kisses and hugs to her sis.
Thursday we go in for her 3 week appointment and get to see how much weight she has gained! Her little cheeks are pudging out nicely I'd say. ;)

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