Friday, October 15, 2010

2 Inspiring Posts

I read these two articles today. They were linked to the Homemaker's link-up over at Raising Homemakers. They really spoke to my heart and re-inspired me to do better.
The first article- Feeding my Husband, I opened it at first in hopes that it would give me so great tips on getting some dense nutrition into my husband on the sly. (LOL! I know, laugh all you want!) Hmph. I was in for a surprise and a totally different slant. However, it was one that was so important to think about and to ponder. Here is an excerpt taken from this post"

"I do not have to wear my day. He knows how hard I work. I don’t have to prove it with a sunken smirk and torturous body odor. I want him to fall in love with me each time he walks in the door. Each time he walks in the door, I want to feed him. I want to feed him with the love I have for him. The love that reminds him I am his first. Even as he crushes a cheerio and dodges the cobwebs on his way to greet our children..."

Wow. how often to I greet my husband with those worn out eyes and sunken smirk's? I feel exhausted and I want him to know I'm exhausted! As if he doesn't already know!! *Smack over head* Go ahead! Read the rest of the post! It is totally worth reading. :)

Next up is on involving our children in all that we do. Not shoving them aside to play, but rather incorporating them into your work. Yes, this is more easily said than done. But, as the article pointed out, we are training our children to be adults! Don't we want to hand over the baton to them, knowing they are well capable? Don't I want my daily housework burden to be lightened? In time, it will be. As I teach my kids how to sweep, how to empty the dishwasher, how to make their beds, how to sort and fold laundry. Just think of the possibilities! :)

"Children nowadays are being left to their own. They're expected to spend their days finding something to do to entertain themselves. They are being taught that "entertainment" is the way of life. Parents want time to do their own work, or time for themselves, so they're sending their kids off to deal with things on their own and no one is learning to work together. "

(not that I just send my kids off by themselves to play all the time, but you get the point I think!) So... head on over to the link and check the entire article out! Another one well worth your time. :)

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