Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Insert "Sigh" Here

is this day over? i sure hope so. it's been one of those days where you sort of question if you were ever even cut out for the vast and monumentous task of motherhood. the sort of day where you are just so worn out and tired that you honestly don't know if you have a creative bone left in your body, or the energy required to find out! The kind of day where you are so sick and tired of dealing with the whining and crying, the disobedience and the uncompliancy. The kind of day where the baby fusses and wants to be either eating or being held all day long. yeah, this was my day. to top it all off, hannah is sick with strep throat,(which doesn't help above matter any) and mike has been sick since thursday with strep and a bad cold infection as well. it's not been fun. it makes me want to escape to a land of peace. a place of quiet and solitude. of course my feet are planted firmly with my family, but maybe one can dream themselves away for just a moment of peace? you know, just to sort of regroup? oh, wait, there's that child tugging at me again. hmm... back to earth. lol
my living room has been transformed to a large train. play tickets are strewn about the floor and dolls lay hither and yon. Courtesy of Nathan. you see, the dolls fell out of the train onto the road and got "runned" over. where do boys come up with all this grim and gory stuff anyhow?

hannah is trying some reverting tecniques (you know, since having a new baby in the house? babymoon has worn off) So the other day after her "nap" (closing her eyes for 2 minutes is considered a little nap.) She informs me that her diaper is all over her bed. I say, what do you mean? did you wet your bed? no, she says. But my diaper is all over my bed. How can it be all over your bed, I wonder. Oh, she says, it really is! Go look! I looked. And, well. What can I say? her diaper really WAS all over her bed! She had opened it up and strewn the "guts" of the diaper all over her bed. Lovely! of course, the diaper had been peeded in to top it all off.
A little bit later, I suddenly asked, Hannah-did you wash your hands after touching all of that peeded on diaper filling? OH! no! She gasped! I didn't! Well, you better get yourself on into the bathroom and wash your hands, young lady! A little later she returns-I washed my hands in the toilet she informs me solemnly. The bathroom stool wasn't in there and I couldn't reach the sink. OH BROTHER!!! Hannah! You go right to my bathroom and get your stool and wash your hands with SOAP! She ran off to eagerly comply. My word! What has gotten into her! LOL!
Nathan is having plenty of his own reverting quirks. he's now a baby. he likes to swing in the baby's swing. and wear diapers. he informed me that he's going to be a baby when he gets to be a big boy. Hmph. Yeah. Oh, and he likes to wear diapers and poop in them. He's not going in the big potty. "Nate baby" Yeah, bud, we'll see. One of these day's mama's gonna feel the spirit and get tough and you'll be potty trained. Yes you will my little man!
Ok, that's enough for today. lol! I'm headed to bed. But, oh wait! the baby is crying! oh well... guess bed is delayed yet longer.............SIGH


  1. OOOOOOoooooooooh. I'm so tired too...but my day wasn't even this bad!!! Yes, Ezra played in the toilet water (after Peter peed in it and forgot to flush)...but I can't even imagine chasing these two with a BABY in addition. You have a monumental job right now. I sure hope your sick members get well soon! And your big kids decide that growing UP is fun!!

  2. Mine oldest thinks it is good to wear pullups. Once in September we had 9 completely dry days and then she decided she did not want to do that anymore. So now nap and nighttime are almost always wet. I do not understand them wanting to bed babies. Now that I am having surgery KJ potty training will have to wait. I was going to start in a couple of weeks but come the middle of November I will be on crutches for 6 weeks. So I guess January will begin the process.