Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lots of things to say, no time!

I had several posts that I wanted to write this week, and haven't had one single chance yet to do so. Several were due to be writen and posted on Monday, but alas, it is now Tuesday night and have they been posted? Nope. Sure haven't! One big reason is due to the fact that my laptop charger is not working, therefore, I can't recharge it and it is sadly very dead at the moment. =/ I can write on my hubby's laptop, but none of the pictures I had wanted to upload are on his computer! So, maybe next Monday or something? I hope?
Oh people. It's been a doosy of a day. I am so glad it is *hopefully* over. Basically I got 3 hrs. of sleep last night and that's it. The kids were up at all hours of the night (all three of them) and then the oldest were up all day long-no naps. We're trying a few different tecniques for naptime... don't like the results of any of them so far. No naps is definitely awfully hard on the mom. Early naptime seems to go O.K for the boy, but horrible for the girl. I don't know... *sigh* We're working on an earlier bedtime as we go into the "dark early" season.
It went from hot, to beautiful, to COLD weather-wise. I've been freezing the past two days! Brrr!
We sold our truck today. So now we're without a vehicle to get around with. (the kids and I are anyways!) Housebound. Without wheels. I feel even more hopeless. (lol)
Mike continues to be ultra busy with school, building projects, rental repairs, and of course us. Poor guy, he has so much on his plate. He only got 1-2 hrs. of sleep last night.He was up til midnight working on a paper and reading for class. I felt so bad for him this morning.
So anyways.... my house is full of laundry to fold and put away and scattered toys. I'm done in though. The baby is now howling her head off (she gets mad awfully easy it seems!) and I guess I'll bid you all adieu and write more another time when I can actually write a decent and fullfilling post of something more interesting and happy. I need a mother's helper!

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