Monday, October 11, 2010

Make your Home a Haven

I honestly cannot wait for my computer charger to arrive in the mail so I can get my pictures uploaded! I took a picture of where I put my candle and inspiration last week and the week before and I so want to show you all! However... all good things must wait I suppose. *sigh* So! I will describe it a bit. My candle is sitting in the center of my table with a little fall time arrangement around it. And, I made a card from a fall-ish looking piece of scrapbooking paper and put a white center in it. I wrote the verse "...Let the peace of God dwell in your heart..." This is a nice reminder for what the candle is all about. I try and light the candle several times each day. However, my little man likes to blow out candles. So.... the candle is often only lit for a moment or two before he discovers it. LOL! I sometimes have been lighting another one on my countertop where it is less accessible to the candle blower! ;)
This weeks challenge involves inspirational music floating through your home. LOVE it. I actually have been doing this the past three weeks or so and have noticed SUCH a difference in the atmosphere of the home while it is playing. Much more relaxed. The kids play better together, etc. Plus, this also encompasses my New Year's goal to have more music playing in my home! Definitely like that. :)
How's it going in your homes? Is your home becoming the delightful haven that it was meant to be? It's a challenge at times, but so worth the effort.

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