Sunday, October 10, 2010

Simple Simple

In my last post I mentioned the word "simple" and that I was learning to make things simple in my life. But exactly what does this look like? :) Someone asked that question. To be honest with you, there's no exact answer, but I'll try to give you a bit of an idea of what this looks like for me right now. And that is key- it's right now what works. Doesn't mean it will work next month or even two weeks from now! But it works right now, so I'm flyin' with it!
To start with, before Rebecca arrived into the world, you will recall my obsessive "nesting." ;) Cleaning out the house, going through each and every room to organize and purge it of junk and clutter. I think this was a very crucial and important step. I began this cleaning several weeks before the baby arrived and then began a simple routine of "keeping up." Each room had been placed in order. Everything had a place to go and things were in their place. So, each morning upon awakening and showering I would begin this routine. It looks something like this: After the kids are up and I've showered and fed the baby, I make our bed, pick up clothes and clutter off of our floor, pull up the window shades, do a once over in the master bathroom and walk out. Typically carrying a full wastebasket and laundry hamper with dirty clothes in it along with me.
Next I go to each child's room and make their beds, pick up their dirty clothes, pull up their window shades and straighten up.
I try and do a once over in the living room before bed, so it's typically fairly tidy come morning.
I then move on to the kitchen. Empty the dishwasher that ran last night, and put any dirty dishes from the sink into the now clean dishwasher.
Breakfast is simple. I now have a weekly routine for it. That routine may or may not be followed to a "T", but at least it gives me an idea to go by and everything is simple and easy to fix.
After breakfast, I do a quick cleaning of the kitchen, make my "Mother's Milk Tea," fix Hannah's hair, get Nathan dressed and read the children's Bible story for the week and recite their memory verse. Afterwards, we may do another school activity or go outdoors for playtime. Sometimes their school activity can be done outside.
Lunch is another simple, easy meal to prepare. Oftentimes we'll have leftovers from the night before, or sandwiches. I don't always stick exactly to the menu plan. It depends on the type of day we're having (chaotic or calm). I am finding that it really is ok to eat PB&J for lunch with some apple slices. Or black bean hummus and chips with veggie sticks. It doesn't have to be complicated and the kids are just fine if not happier with that than anything else.
Homeschool is very simple and easy these days. I love the Hands On Homeschool program that we are doing this year! It is so uncomplicated and easy to fit into our day. Love it. It is very unpressuring.
Suppers are fairly simple and quick to prepare. I have coincided sandwich night along with Mike's school night so that it's not some big rush to get supper out for him before he has to leave. I have made soup night for Friday night because it seems like a warm and cozy beginning to the Sabbath hours. I try to have one fancier meal per week where it might take a bit more time to prepare. But overall, I am just trying to be alot simpler and less complicated in the meal department. Buying easy foods to prepare helps as well.
In the evenings, after the kids are in bed, I do one last fell swoop over the house, tidying up for the morning to come.
I try not to cram too much into my days and try not to expect too much of myself, but rather be happier when I accomplish more.
Laundry folding and putting away is still something I am working on. I can get it washed and dried, but it's hard to get it into the drawers from there. Any suggestions on that?
Also trying to uncomplicate bedtime routines. They are not too bad right now, but i'd like to make them go a bit smoother.
So there you have it. Nothing amazing or earth shattering, just what works for me at the moment. Some days are completely chaotic and a total struggle, but the good thing about that is that there is "always" tomorrow to look forward to because two days in a row are never the same! I'd love to have more moments in my day-moments to blog, read and just be. Some days I have that, other days I do not. Oh well, right? :) Maybe tomorrow. ;) I think in essence I have begun learning not to expect the highest heights from myself. And, having the simple routine makes it easier to whip through the morning and get things straightened up and looking fairly spiffy. And, if it's looking bad today, not to worry too much because it won't be that big of a deal to get it back in shape.
So, what's working for you right now? I always like to hear ideas!
(one thing that is a great help for me is a sticker chart. When hannah picks up toys, she gets a sticker!)

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  1. Sounds like we're at a very similar place in life right now (minus the third child in my nest!). I'm finally getting 'things' figured out too, I think (routine, meals, clean-up, etc etc etc). You're doing so great -- keep it up!!