Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's time to start washing the laundry... but here I am on the computer. It's dismal and dreary outdoors. Been raining most of the night. Baby slept well and yet I still awoke feeling like I didn't get much sleep. We watched Amish Grace last night. The story of the Amish school shooting in Nickel Mines, PA. a few years back. Wow. What a sad story. Definitely NOT one to go to sleep on! My goodness, I think that's a big part of the reason I had such a restless sleep last night.
Hannah is cracking me up lately with everything she comes up with to say.
Hannah:Mommy? Is that person old or little? Me: well, she's older than you, but she's not OLD. Hannah: oh, well, she's old then.
Hannah: At one point during the day, you're going to have to do my hair.
And, she's said some really funny things, but for the life of me, now that I've sat down to write them out, I can't think of them at ALL! Oh well.... that's life I guess.
Well, I guess I'd better get to the laundry. It's really in need of being done.
My parents are coming in for the weekend for Hannah's 4th birthday. she informed me that she will be BIG on her birthday. Therefore, she should be able to have a lamb. Or a bunny. Either one will do. Hmph. We'll see there little girl. :)
Rebecca is full of smiles these days and I just love it when she looks at me, her eyes light up with recognition and a huge smile spreads out over her whole face. Priceless.
Ok, I really am going to get off of her now and get on with my life. hehehehehe
But before I go, one question of the day: Should I crack down on potty training Nathan right now? Or should I wait until he's more "ready" on his own?


  1. In our experience with C, we had to let him wait until he was ready. He could have done it several months before, but I think with the new baby he just wasn't ready to be a "big" boy. One day he told me he was ready for the potty and that was that. Only 2 day time accidents since he's been trained almost a year ago. He was 38 months when he decided he was ready.

    I will add that C is about as bull-headed as they come so that is why we decided to let him decide on his own.

  2. Yep, I'll throw in a vote for waiting until he's ready. You can test it out every now and then to see how long he can hold it...can he get to the bathroom from across the house?? When I knew Peter could do it without accidents, we went full tilt. :) About 37 months.