Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joys and Tribulations-Strength for the Journey

When I signed up for motherhood, I'm sure I had no idea of the joys and tribulations that would be mine in this journey! If I had only known! Just kidding of course. I love my three without a doubt, but as you mama's all know, there are days when you wonder what you ever got yourself into.
Ever since number three was introduced into the family, life has certainly taken on a whirlwind affect. Life is pretty topsy turvy with lots of opportunities to test the strength of the mother tree.
We mother's have to have fortification from a higher source than our own inner strength or we will never make it in this combat!
I have been reading Child Guidance by author Ellen White lately and have been gaining tremendous blessing from it. Especially the sections on Correction and Discipline and how it is to be applied. At every turn, issues I have been struggling with, I find answers to. At just the moment that I am needing that particular answer, I find it. This book is definitely a God send to a mother!
For example. I have been struggling with Nathan and his hyperactivity and lack of obedience. I've been wondering how to get across to him the need to obey what mommy says. It all seems to no avail. We all end up frazzled in the end. However, I am of the utmost certain that this is a lesson that is vital to learn- the lesson of Obedience. "For God cannot take rebels into His Kingdom; therefore He makes obedience to His commandments a special requirement. Parents should diligently teach their children what saith the Lord." (p256) E.White tells how to bring your child to repentance- Reasoning, clearly pointing out their wrongs, praying with them, and then, if that does not bring them to repentance, then the rod of correction. She also states that whatever you start, you must follow through with. What does that mean? Well, for me, it means that if I tell my little rascal, er... son.... that he needs to do something (while I am nursing the baby) then he needs to do it. Regardless of the fact that I may not be able to get up at the moment, I still need to follow through with him and make sure that he has done what I have told him to do. All too often I become weary in well doing and let things slide. But this is wrong. It is only strengthening these wrong tendencies and making things harder. So, we are working. Diligently. Perseveringly.
And, as I was feeling discouraged with my efforts the other day, I read that we should not be discouraged in this great work of parenting. When our children are hyper, we can pray to Jesus to soften and subdue our children's temperments. He WILL hear our prayers. He will love to answer our prayers. Ahh.... a balm to a weary mother's soul. He (Jesus) will love to answer our prayers. When we have done our part, we can leave the rest on the capable shoulder's of our sweet Jesus and He will carry the load for us. For His yolk is easy and His burden is light.
I've read more. Lots more-about the mother and her influence, about speaking softly and gently, never raising our voices or letting our children get the best of us. About speaking negatively-who are we serving when we speak that way? Sooo much more. I want to post a paragraph I read, but this post is long enough for now. I just want to encourage you mother's out there who may be feeling as weary as myself- don't be weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap-the benefits of a beautiful child raised for the Kingdom.

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