Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Quiet Moment

We mother's all know there are seldom any quiet moments in our journey. So when there are, we must relish them. Breath them in. Delight in them to the fullest. I had one such moment late last week. My little man was at work with his daddy. It was just me and my girls for the day. Still busy. Just slightly less intense. It was a beautiful afternoon. Warm. Breezy. Sunny. Bright blue skies. Me and my gals decided to take our afternoon rest outdoors. We brought out our blankets and pillows and rested on the grass with the warm sun shining down on us. It truly was a moment of peace. My Hannah pretending to be asleep. I kept awakening to find her gone from her resting place. She was too busy running hither and yon picking Onion grass to eat. She told me she was hungry, so she picked some to eat for a snack. Gotta love the country in her, right? ;)
Here she is, enjoying her snack. hehe

Love her sweet little legs and feet. Barefoot.

A sign of relaxation. Kick those boots of and rest.

My view through the grass. Somehow just looks peaceful and restful to me.
It was a moment well enjoyed. Not long lived. But enjoyed nonetheless. It's the little things in life that make up the bigger picture.

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