Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reading Goals

So folks, I've currently read 32 books so far this year. I had a goal to read a book a week. Or 52 books in the year. I don't think I'm going to make it, but I am quite happy with what I have accomplished thus far! Looking forward to seeing how many more books I can get read in the last few remaining weeks. Let's see, there's about 7 more weeks left to this year. That is NOT many! Wow! Where did this year fly off to anyways?! So, at best I can read around 40 books, which is 12 less than my goal. But, hey- who said reading and having three kids was easy?! I'm good with that number! :)
I've read all but one of my fall book reading goals, I replaced it with another one-Babywise-just recounting what I had already learned and implementing it once again. The book Captivating is just not very "Captivating" to me.... Don't know why, but I can't seem to sink myself into it and get it read. Maybe I won't even read it, who know's. *gasp* It's all part of letting go, you know? Allowing yourself not to have to read a book all the way through entirely. Hmm...
How are your reading goals coming along? Anything interesting worth reading? I'll have to begin making my 2011 reading list soon! And yes, I think I will actually make a bit of a list, that way I have something to go by. I will make it to where I have roughly 2 books a month to read. i think that shall be a bit more do-able! ;)

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