Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Vegan. Do you remember the posts I did probably close to a year ago regarding being vegan or not? Well, I am making some decisions about that all these months later. Why now? Because Rebecca has gas. LOL!!!! No, seriously. She'll wake herself up tooting! Poor baby. So, I asked her Pediatrician what she suggested and she said that about 98% of gassy breastfed babies is due to a dairy intolerance. Interesting! She told me to be sure, I needed to go off of all dairy for 2 weeks. *gasp* That sounded like a while. However, I have been teetering right on the ledge of "converting" back to veganism. Not something entirely strict 100% all of the time, but rather making it a way that we cook and eat here at home. I don't like milk whatsoever, and most of it I feel to be full of junk anyways-unless you're getting it all raw and organic from a local farm. (but that's just my opinion. Other's feel much differently-even those in my own immediate family) Cheese is totally artery clogging and you're just looking a heart attack straight in the face by eating much of that stuff, besides-have you seen how they make that shredded cheese? It's full of nastiness (but it sure does taste good, doesn't it?) I think cheese is my biggest "yum" from the dairy world. The hardest thing to give up.
So, I am launching out into a world that isn't totally unknown to me. I did grow up being primarily vegan for probably the first 15 years of my life. Afterwards, it was just small amounts for probably the next 5 years or so. I will be keeping farm fresh eggs in our diet though. That is my exception. They do not come from a cow. ;) AND, we have chickens. haha!
Overall, I think we're ready for this change. Mike is ready for a change, diet-wise. He wants to eat better and feel healthier. He's more ready than he's been. I'm ready. Ready to make a change for the better. And, I think it's time. So we'll give it a shot. Run with it. See how it goes. My kids are pretty stuck on cow's milk. But Hannah loves the new Silk Almond milk-vanilla flavored.
The other thing that I'm working on is cutting way back on white sugar and white flour. I've always tried to be fairly careful with how much of that we've used, but lately I've gotten a little lenient. Maybe even a little lazy- the white flour is in the canister all ready for use, the white wheat and whole wheat are in the berries in the freezer still needing to be ground. Ugh. Sounds like too much work. But it isn't really. It's just a matter of doing it. That's all.
Anyways, I'm convinced that there's enough sickness floating around in the air these days that it's time to shape up and live well! I know that some may not agree with our family on all this, but this is the place that we are at right now. What may work for us, may not work for another, you just have to do what is best for you and your family. What we decide now, may not be the best choice a ways down the road from now. We are always learning and growing! :)
So! Here we are-headed into the Holidays and a brand new year! What are your thoughts on all of that?! Didn't this year just fly past?


  1. I couldn't have dairy with my first baby. The first week or two were rough but I got used to it quickly. I just missed yogurt!

  2. You will do fine. Sometimes it just takes more planning. I heard a moto that really works for me when I do it. Decided exactly what you are eating for supper by 10 am in the morning. When I decide everything things are ready on time and the day goes smoothly. When I do not like what is on the menu but do not choose something until afternoon it sometimes does not get done very early and mama gets stressed..