Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Goal's Recap

So here we are at the very end of 2010. I made a lot of goals last year and I decided to do a review of them and see just how well I or not so well I did! :)

Daily Time with God-Read thru the Bible this year! - Spent much more time in the Bible, but did not make it through the whole book.

Monthly Date Night with the hubby- not even close!! But we squeezed our time in when we could. Would like to improve on this in 2011 for sure.

Obedience in my Children- that's a work in progress. *laughing* some days are better than others.

A well maintained small garden- not too shabby! Though I must say, it certainly wasn't small! But we did reap some bountious produce and we did get it to where there wasn't much maintainance involved.

Planned and Intentional Learning for the Kids Definitely did much better with that this year. More so at the beginning than the end perhaps, but we're doing pretty well in this area. It's hard to juggle it all with 3 though.

A more Simplified household Definitely catching a hold of the ropes in this area. Always more to learn, but I consider this year a success.

Instill more Music into the kids certainly have played much more music in the house this year! Goal!

Institute our own Family Traditions- not sure exactly what we implemented this year for sure! But we do have a tradition of looking at Christmas lights every Christmas eve... (or thereabouts)

Daily Exercise -HA! Not even close. It seems like a pipe dream.... does lugging around a baby and laundry baskets and chasing after kids count?

Learn Massage-unfortunately... I have the book, but haven't cracked the cover! Maybe this next year?

Relaxed Family Vacations- vacation(S?!) What ones?! Well, we took a weekend jaunt to my parent's and a weekend jaunt to our Friends, Heather and David. Enjoyed our time both places and tried to be flexible on kid's naptimes, etc... maybe this year we'll get a vacay in! :)

Read 1 bk. per week- I got 33 out of 52.

Decorate Master Bedroom I did it! New curtains, room looks great.

Break down my day into a Segmented Schedule - working on that still. :)

more Simple and Nourishing Diet Definitely accomplished this one. Now vegan, and eating much more wholesomely. Right on!

Cut down on Expenditures Doing so much better in this dept. Cut out home phone and tv bill, water bill and now the heating expense. Cut way back on food expense.

~Work on Potty Training Nathan (?) Totally unplanned but way cool-Nathan has pretty much potty trained himself over the passed 2 weeks! So exciting.
~Switch Nathan over to big bed this summer He kept climbing out of his crib, so....
~Night (potty) Train Hannah-nope. any ideas???
~Teach Hannah more independence - whew. have mercy,. maybe??

Everday Goals:

Personal Devotions
Family Worship
Nourishing Meals
Daily Planned Projects for Kids
Clean House
PlayTime (implement "Special Time") -would like to work on this...
QuietTime (1-2 hrs. a day)
A more calming bedtime routine (perhaps lullabies and a relaxing massage for the kids) - DEF. no massages and lullibies, but routine is better...

Stay tuned for 2011 goals!

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