Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Countdown 2010

What ways do you count down the days til Christmas? Here are a few ways that we've found to do it this year!
This one was found on the Rhythm of the Home website. I fell in love with the idea. Recycle baby socks, hang them on a line with clothespins and add a little goody to each sock (one for each child). Then, your kids get to "open" a sock each night until Christmas Eve! My kids positively love this! Eagerly peeking into the sock, they found a Rice Krispy treat that they had helped to make earlier in the day! lol!
Nathan very solemnly opens the sock of the night.

The other way we are counting down is a paper chain that Hannah and I made. It contains 24 rings. One ring is ripped off each morning as a new days starts, all the way to Christmas Eve. Hannah loves ripping the ring off!
So, these are the ways we are counting down the days til Christmas at our house this year! :)
We're also trying to do a Christmasy craft or Something to do several times a week. This week we made Cinnamon Christmas tree ornaments.
We're also working on Memorizing Luke 2- the Christmas story. Hannah has 4 verses memorized thus far. On top of that, we're learning the song, Away in the Manger.
Oh what fun! It's helping me to get into the Christmas spirit.


  1. I like the sock idea -- I've been trying to think of a way to do that simply... =)