Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Combatting Winter's Chills and Sniffles

When THIS kind of weather starts to settle in...
You need to make yourself a batch of THIS:Good for all that ails ya! ;) Cold Season Tea. Recipe courtesy of my dear friend, Kristina. I'm sure she won't mind my sharing it with all of you! (especially since I shared her ministries link with you as well! ;))

Cold Season Tea (yummy!)

BRING to boil in 2qt-4qt kettle:
1/2 c. dried Pau D'Arco (inner bark)
3-4 T. licorice root
2 qt. water

SIMMER with lid on for 10 minutes.

TURN off burner, then add:
1/2 c. dried nettle leaves
1/2 c. dried peppermint leaves

STIR and replace lid on kettle.
STEEP for 10 more minutes.
STRAIN into a jug.
POUR a little into the bottom of seven 1-qt. containers.
FILL the rest of each container with water.
REFRIGERATE or serve immediately.
KEEPS one week in refrigerator.
SERVE warm or cold.

YIELD: 7 quarts tea.
This tea does, indeed taste delicious!
Remember how I shared how to make your own Elderberry Syrup? Follow the link! I have tried this remedy several times and it has really helped to shorten the duration of a cold. It not only shortens it, but it also makes it more comfortable to go through.
Also-what about Oil of Oregano? Preferably, the brand, Oreganol-so I've been told! I tried this remedy at Thanksgiving time. The day before Thanksgiving I suddenly began coming down with a cold. I made myself up a batch of the Cold Season Tea, drank probably 4 qts of it the first day. I took Oil of Oregano drops (it's pretty vile tasting, but it does the trick! Just be sure to have some juice on hand to wash the taste away!) I also took Vit D2. I found some in peppermint flavored chewables! They are so yummy that my kids BEG me for them. Haha! Anyways-it all worked wonders! I was better within 2-3 days completely! I was amazed.
For more great Natural advice, go to THIS article, over at Raising Homemakers! Click on the link within the article (near the top) and it will take you to all sorts of tips and tricks!
Here's to a smooth cold and flu season with minimal illness all the way around. And here's to hoping that our children like our tea's and brew's and will actually take them for us! LOL!


  1. That sounds great Sarah... just one question. Where do you get those strange ingredients???

  2. *smile* i get mine from www.bulkherbstore.com
    mountain rose herbs is also a great source. or... your local health food store!