Sunday, December 12, 2010

House of Prayer pt.2

I had high and lofty goals for this week. I envisioned myself kneeling throughout the day in prayer. I guess this is the visionary part of me dreaming on! :)
HOWEVER! (redeeming myself here! NO pun intended! LOL) I WAS alot more conscious of prayer and its power and its weaving and threading throughout my day. No, I may not have been on my knees, but I was praying as I put laundry into the washer, as I ran the carpet cleaner, as I changed my baby's diaper, as I washed my little one's hands and faces, as I cleaned my oven, as I cooked supper and swept the floor for the "millionth" time, as I took a walk outdoors, and as I heard about different situations that needed praying over. I prayed. I prayed as I was doing. I prayed as I was going. There's not much time to just STOP. But nevertheless, I did pray. I do pray. And I see its effects in our life. It was a good week. It had its moments (like every time I tried to get on the phone-that's a whole 'nother post in and of itself!!!) But as a whole, it was good. I have come to Friday feeling like I accomplished things and I have an inner peace. That inner peace, I believe comes from prayer. It also comes from stopping from time to time to play with my little ones, letting them "Doctor" me and piecing puzzles together and reading stories. It comes from pausing to watch my baby's sweet smiles and bright eyes and listen to her gurgle and goo.

So what did I gather from this week of striving to make my house a house of prayer? Simply this- Prayer is meant to be a weaving and threading pattern in our lives and in our homes and is meant to be for all times and all places. It is meant to be something we teach to our children-whether it's having them repeat after us, or listening to them as they fashion their own simple prayer to Jesus. Prayer is what makes us who we are and what gives us the peace and strength to carry on...

~And just for the record-I still plan on making that special place just for prayer-however, we got a wood stove this week and we have to install it-which is going to lead to some re-arranging of living room furniture. So, I think I'll wait until I've got things situated and as I situate, I will be keeping this idea first and foremost and create this special haven~

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