Friday, December 3, 2010


Life is made up of moments. Some of them good, some of them, not so much. But what are we choosing to focus on? Is it the good moments, or the bad ones? By choosing to focus on the good moments of life, I think we're bound to have more and more good moments. Why? Because we are focusing on the good and by doing so, it minimalizes the bad. So, are you having a rough day? Lift your chin up! See that beautiful blue sky? See the water bubbling in the spring? Feel the crisp air of the wintery day? See the little bouncing steps of your toddler as he scampers through the field? Revel in the sweetness of the moment. No worries, just as carefree as can be.
Gaze into the face of your baby and behold her innocence. Snuggle up and kiss that warm little face. Watch her smile and hear her giggle in return.

Soon she'll be grown. Soon he'll be grown. Inhale these moments of beauty. Breathe them into your soul. Bask in them. Don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. Rather, live today, for we are not promised tomorrow. When life gets you down, look out rather than in. There are blessings everywhere if we will only look.


  1. So true but we sometimes forget to look and enjoy the moment.

  2. Very nice. Rebecca has a certain glow about her... ;)