Monday, December 27, 2010

Overdue Posting Catch-up!

Hi Friends! No, I haven't forgotten my blog! It's just a busy time of the year, and... my laptop keeps deciding not to work, or has problems. The latest being, it seems to have a virus that will not allow me usage of the internet. Blah! So, it's hard to sit down in front of the desk top and type. You know, babies and such.... ;-)

However, we've enjoyed lots of things! Such as-Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake. MmmmMmm GOOD. (find recipe at Fat Free Vegan Kitchen)

We've enjoyed irresistable babies and their sweet cuddly-ness:One thing I did before Christmas was to make Hannah a new skirt. I still have to hem it... but I thought it turned out real cute. Just from scraps around the house, no pattern. I made a place to hang winter coats, put boots and hats and mittens. A place that was accessible to the kiddo's and easy for them to use. The little peg sticking out next to Nathan's coat is for Rebecca's coat. I just hadn't gotten it hung up when I took the picture. hehe. There is a little stool for the small fry to sit and take their shoes off. I put a braided rug in front of the door for them to wipe their feet on. I like this! The kid's like being able to hang up their coats and have a place for their outdoor shoes to go. Now they know where they are. :) Mission accomplished!
The kids and I also made them a cozy little hide-away in Nathan's closet-complete with white Christmas lights to make it extra fun. :)It's hard to capture it all on camera, seeing as how it's just a closet! But the kids made themselves little "nests" with blankets and pillows to curl up in. ;)

We installed a delightfully warm woodstove! I am so excited about this newest addition to our home! It is so much toastier in here! No heater! I could write a post just on that alone! haha!

The week before Christmas we enjoyed a visit from friends, Heather and David from Ohio! It was great to see them again! Heather blogs over at We've been sisters/friends for over 10 years now! I am trying to upload my pictures from their time here, but again, now my desktop is having difficulties uploading pictures! So.... I'm working on it!

So there's part one of the catch-up installments! I have so many posts rolling around in my mind, with no opportunities to write them all down! Hopefully sometime... :)

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