Monday, December 27, 2010

Reading Goal Recap and New Read's for a New Year

Well folks, I ended the year with 33 books! A few less than 52 I was "goaling" for. But, that's a bit high with three kids, don'tcha think? ;) I am happy with the amount that I accomplished and I am excited to share with you my goaled reads for the new year! :) There's 12 of them. One a month.

Organized Simplicity
Simplicity Parenting
Herbal Antibiotics
Eat to Live
Time Alive
Captivating (?)
Parenting by the Spirit
A Thousand Gifts
Stepping Heavenward
Calm and Compassionate
Large Family Logistics

I may also read Shepherding your Child's Heart. This title has interested me for some time!
I also hope to complete the 12 volume series of The Bible Story (with my kids, preferably listening along!) I'll keep this as a Morning/Evening worship reading goal.
I also want to read The Testimonies to the Church volumes by E.G. White. Probably keep this one for Quiet Time devotional for myself and couple it with the Bible. I may not get to all of these this year, but I'll work on it.
I can't wait to dig into this year of reading! It's hard to find time to read, but I just have to squeeze it in whenever/wherever possible. I have already started digging in to a couple of books- Stepping Heavenward and Large Family Logistics.... WOW. Awesome reads. I can't wait to really read them! :)

What are some of your reads for the upcoming year? Or should I ask. Might make me want to add more to my list. Hahaha!

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  1. Good list! You will enjoy Motherstyles, I think. =) And A Thousand Gifts will be fabulous, I'm sure. You're doing so well, making time for books!!