Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Months of Joy-Beauty

This week's focus for the Three Months of Joy was Beauty. We were to focus on beauty. I tried this week. I succeeded. For the most part. (minus some of those trying bedtime moments, whining, etc! It's just hard to see beauty in those moments!!) Here are some of the "beauty moments" I captured during the week. There were many others, but these are the ones that I captured in photo. :)
First up-SNOW! We got snow here in East Tennessee! 6 inches of it! The kids were overjoyed and so was I! It actually has hung around all week, amazingly enough. The beauty of the white fluff, the children's faces of joy-loved it A Christmas tree to decorate!

Ornaments... memories. Beauty.

A wood stove!!! Mike was stuck at home this week due to the weather, so he installed our new woodstove! What a blessing! Warm heat! He did a spectacular job! All that "brick" you see in the back? it's actually cut plaster made to look like brick! My man is talented!

more winter decor

Icicles! A rare sight for these eyes! Aren't they pretty against the blue sky?
Landscape of snow
Today we woke up to ice. I love the beauty of being snowed/iced in together. Warm and snug. And look at all these cute icicles! hehe

And.... coming from my oven in just one moment- 2 vegan pumpkin cheesecakes from Fat Free Vegan Blog. Now that's beauty. ;)
Goodnight all-hope you found the beauty in your week as well. :)


  1. Thank you Sarah! Inspirational. I needed to hear the ways you saw beauty this week. Especially this week. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Where did you make your photo collage at?