Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy Morning Hours

Seems the mornings sort of rush by in a swirl of business. UP. Shower. Dress. Breakfast. Clean up. Laundry. Diaper Changes.Baby bathed. Baby Fed. Baby down for nap. Learning Time. Snack. Switch Laundry. Clean up Spills etc. Start Lunch. Eat Lunch. Clean up Lunch. Outdoor Time. Stories. Diapers on. Clothes freshened for naps. Naptime. WHEW!
And of course, it all looks so neat and tidy when it's typed out. But really, it feels like one drama after another. One winding turn upon turn. Til I'm left feeling nearly dizzy from the spinning. Mornings tire me out. They really do. I am always so thankful when 2:00 p.m. comes and it's time to lay my little ones down for their afternoon naps. If I'm real lucky, Rebecca sleeps then too and I have about an hour or maybe even two of silence. But that's a good day. That's a rare day. Most days I have someone up and in need at all hours of the day. My grandmother came over to visit the other day and asked me if I ever got a break. "A break?" I responded. "What's that?!"
I'm sure that most of you can relate to this feeling! This busy morning syndrome. I'd really like my mornings to run more smoothly. More streamlined. I'd like to have time to breathe in between! I'd like to get up in the morning before my children do. That is one hard feat to conquer. Nathan is more often than not, up before dawn. Ready to go. Ready to eat. Ready to do. Hannah is typically a bit later, but not too much. Rebecca. Well, she's usually up at 5:30 to eat and then she sort of sleeps lightly until the others come in and wake her up for good as well. Some mornings I'm simply exhausted from lack of sleep. I want to figure out HOW to get up before my kids. HOW to get that alone time start to my morning. I'd love to be showered, dressed, have my day planned out and a little devotional reading in BEFORE I see my kids. Wouldn't that be nice? Does this sort of thing only happen in a Utopian world? *smile*
We shall see.... In the meantime. Are there any mothers out there who have/had this struggle? If so, do you have solutions/tips/strategies for dealing with it? Shout it out by leaving me a comment! I'd love to hear!
Happy Monday all!


  1. Not even joking, I was just wondering how I can manage to get up before my kids THIS MORNING. C is such a light sleeper, that he usually wakes up when B is getting ready for work. The last week or so he sleeps until 7, but I'm just not sure I can bring myself to get up before then since I don't sleep through the night thanks to being least my kids don't wake me up in the night anymore.

    I've found that most of my "me" time comes later at night, hence making it harder to get up in the morning, but my hubby also needs my attention then too.

    SO, if you figure out how to get more hours in the day, I'd sure like some pointers!

  2. I totally have the same question!!! KJ usually wakes up once during the night and then is up for good around 6:30. When Daddy gets ready for work all three kids are usually up before he even eat breakfast. He leaves the house by 7am. I want to exercise and if I do I have to leave the house @ 5am and get back around 6:10 and try to get breakfast for my husband and ???? when do I get to take a shower. Then the kids are instantly hungry when they wake up and if I feed them before 7 they are starving@ 9 and think that they need a snack. Right now twice a week I have to take all three kids of time with me to Physical Therapy for my healing knee. That means that our schedule gets totally messed up on those days. Amina does not get a nap at all those mornings and then all three of them are starving and tired when we get home. So naps are later than normal and everything is a mess.

    Me time what is that. Some morning I try to read my Bible when my older two are playing and Amina is sleeping but they seem to always "need" me then.

    Yes we all need answers as to using our time wisely!!!!

  3. haha! Girls-it sounds as if we are all in the same boat together. *Sigh* Perhaps if we just look for the gifts of each moment, we can find a slower pace. Still.... time keeps moving. Needs keep arising.
    Boys seem to get up earlier than girls... least that's been my experience. AND I've seen this in reading others blogs as well. Interesting. Well, we'll just have to keep encouraging each other along the way. Jessica-you'll be joining the land of "Mom of Three" real soon!!! :) It takes some time to adjust, but it will happen. don't worry! :)

  4. I hear ya'll. The only reason I've been able to have some quiet time to myself in the morning is because I'm getting up so early!! 5am means mama is in bed by 8pm. And even then, the kids are up with NEEDS by 5:30 or 6:00. My husband has been taking them while I exercise, so I have until around 7:30, then BANG I'm back in the game. It's all about being a parenting team, I get a turn to get time off, then he gets a turn. And it's a-ok to get some babysitting, so mom can regain her sanity when necessary. =) As far as time to breathe.....I don't know. I think I need to teach my children to show mama a little more respect -- play happily by themselves, meet their own needs for certain things. they grow, we'll get more breathing room. Cheers! You can do it!!

  5. If I can manage to roll out of bed at 5 am when my alarm goes off, I can sometimes manage 2 hours of no-kid time. I try to exercise, shower, dress, and read the Bible during this time. Otherwise, it's go-go-go, usually with at least 2 demands/needs going on at once. A couple of times I've actually shouted out, "I feel like I'm being drawn and quartered!" or "If I get pulled in one more direction, I'm going to get pulled apart!"

    It is especially hard now because my hubby's job often sends him away for long periods of time, leaving me home alone with 4, 2 and 7 months, tending to everything, including hubby's chores of snow removal and wood furnace-loading. Two out of 3 children no longer nap! And my baby doesn't go to sleep at 7pm with the older two. He stays awake until mommy finally caves and lets him curl up with her in the spot she wishes daddy were sleeping in.

    It's TOUGH being a mommy to young 'uns! I feel like I'm in survival mode.

    I have to keep reminding myself that this is EXACTLY what I wanted in life. I'm living my dream.

    It helps to see it as a personal challenge to get through each day as successfully as possible. It also helped me to read a blog where the mother of many young children says, "I consider my day a complete success when, at the end of the day, I fall into bed exhausted."

  6. Kate- my heart goes out to you! Our children are the same ages. I know the struggle. Only I can't even imagine not having the support of my husband being home most nights. I will be counting my blessings.... And thinking of you and sending a prayer for strength your way!! God be with you!