Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping Occupied

So far this winter has been filled with snow, clouds and cold. Far from ideal for even bundling up to go out of doors. Especially with a 4 month old baby. So, we stay indoors. Where we can keep an eye on our cozy, warm fire. (And we look at Florida forecasts that show 70*'s and sunshine.)
We've tried various endeavors at keeping occupied. Today, I helped the kids set up a store, complete with homemade play money and a cash register out of a box. I set up a hardware store in Nathan's room. The kids got the hugest kick out of me being the store's clerk. It was pretty funny. I had grocery bags to put their purchases in, "rung" their stuff up at the cash register and then placed their bagged goods into their cart after they had paid for it. Told them good day and hope to see you can soon. They grinned and giggled and wheeled their cart off to Hannah's room where they explored their loot purchases. Very cute indeed. And then, it seems their baby dolls began coming down with serious illnesses and needed a Doctor. I informed them that I was in the restaurant cooking dinner. (seems like when I pretend to them about my work, they seem to accept it better. Funny, huh?) I went to Hannah's room and collected her dirty laundry, telling her I was the wash lady coming for her laundry. I noticed a basket of clean clothes folded sitting in her room and came back a bit later, saying, oh! I see you made some great clothing purchases! Would you like help putting those away? "OH YES!"
So, we made it through our Monday morning and now, its naptime. The kids are bedded down. Nathan looks like he's trying out his sister's way of naptime and is sitting on his bed quietly playing with his cars. OH I do hope he isn't growing out of naptime quite yet!
Well, moving on... Hope your Monday's are going smoothly! Cheers!


  1. Nicely done! Those kids have such a fun mom! ;) Hope you enjoy the rest of the day...

  2. I found this post and thought if you!