Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Nathan, at 2 1/2 is one fun child to know. He is quirky, funny, smart, sweet, stinker, determined, and the list could go on. He talks real fast and when he gets excited he gets stuck on one word for a while, like: "Nate, Nate, Nate, Nate, NATE LOVES (wuvs) you Mommy!
He is great at saying "Thank you." He'll say, "Nate hungry, Mommy!" and I'll reply, "I'm almost through getting lunch ready for you." he'll excitedly say "OH! THANK YOU MOMMY!" I'll bring the food over and he'll thank me quite profusely about half a dozen times. It is soooo cute!
Nathan loves his little sister. Sometimes a little too much for her liking. If you know what I mean! "Nate wuvs his sister." 'member, mommy? Becca was in your tummy one time." (giggle from me. YES, I remember that!) "Look at her tiny little ears" he'll say.... awwww... she's so sweet. Nate wuvs her." ;)
Nathan hasn't quite grasped the concept of Jesus and who He is and how He relates to him. For instance. I was praying the other night as I tucked Nathan in to sleep. I asked Jesus to come into Nathan's heart and be with him during the night. After I said 'Amen," Nathan looked at me and said, "Oh, mommy! Nate no want Jesus in his room at night. Nate no want Him in his bed. Nate scoop him up with his tractor (and he takes his little bucket loader and pretends to scoop Jesus up) and put him behind his bed. So, he did just that. I tried to explain to him about Jesus, but he hasn't quite grasped that hard concept of Jesus being present, but not being seen yet.
Nathan ran excitedly into the kitchen with a little scrap of paper that Hannah had cut up and put glitter glue on. "Dis for YOU mommy! It has Ditter Due on it! Haanah (he always says her name with a soft 'a' sound at the front) made it for YOU! So, the rest of the morning and whenever I think about it, I remember the "ditter due" and I smile.
Nathan is quite protective of his sisters. If he thinks someone is hurting them, he'll attack them! I was brushing Hannah's hair and she was screaming per usual whenever I hit a tangle with the comb. Nathan didn't think that was good at all! "NO hurt Haanah mommy!" He grabbed something and began to wack me with it! "Mommy get spanking! NO be mean to Haanah!" I had to explain that it was truly Ok, I was just combing her hair, to which he responded lovingly "It's OK, Haanah, mommy just 'tombing' your hair. It's Ok, Haanah." ;)
Or, if Hannah is doing something he doesn't think is appropriate to the baby, He'll jump on her and pull her off the baby, saying "NO, no, NO!"
He loves to help and is such a chuckle when he does so. The way he goes about it is so "big" and "tough". "uhh, uhh, uhhh" he'll grunt, as if he's really straining under the load. "der go. uhhh, Nate carry that for you, mommy. der go."
I love it. I love my boy. He's vim and vinegar. He's sugar and sweets. He's precious. I love how he wraps his arms around me and hugs on me. I pray he'll grow to know and love Jesus and follow Him always.


  1. Awwwwwwww!!! He sounds like such a fun guy! =) Thanks for the anecdotes and sayin it all in his language! What a sweetheart!

  2. I love that little guy!! He is such a cutie!