Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I have been enjoying Ann Voskamps book, One Thousand Gifts. It is eye-opening at least. The way she has of expressing her thanks and giving her best to the life that is hers. And it's not all been a bed of roses that she's lived. She's had true sorrows. True griefs. Very real trials and life heart-aches along the way. She is learning how to "in everything give thanks."

I loved a thought that she shared regarding time. So often it seems that life just sort of tumbles by and we never really LIVE or experience it. Just a huge list of to-do's. Ann suggests that by recognizing the gifts of each moment then we can truly live for/in the moment. By doing this, we slow down. We recognize life for what it is-grace moments. Gifts from God. I am going to begin jotting down the gifts that God has given me in my life. I want to enshroud myself in thankfullness and gratitude. I want it to envelope and change me. I don't want to take "things" for granted. And so, I begin...

1. chatter of little voices

2. sunlight filtering through windows

3. sleeping baby

4. fluffy puppies

5.flexible fingers with ability to type out words

6. wind whispering through leaves

7. cookies, warm from the oven

8. hugs from my honey-love

9. Innocent eyes of my children

10. Piano keys

Won't you join me in giving thanks?

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  1. mmmm delicious. I especially love warm cookies and hugs. =) Keep the thanksgiving flowing! I'm with you, all the way.