Monday, January 17, 2011

Quiet Time Remade

So we all know that Preschooler's have the amazing ability to make a mess. I have pictured proof!
See that mess? Yeah... I know. I was blown away too. This is what Hannah's room looked like one day quite recently when I walked in after her supposed Quiet Time. (Laura-this picture is just for you!! LOL)Here's the inside view looking out. What a mess! All during 2 hr's of quiet, alone time. I began to despair. I know Hannah is 4, and not too into sleeping anymore. However, we still need this quiet time fitted into our day! We need that respite. The time to recharge!
So, I made a Quiet Time Basket:

It has magnet activities, a trace the letter book, picture books, stuffies, crayons and coloring book and a little wallet to store trinkets in. This basket works well because at the end of each Quiet Time, Hannah knows to put her things back inside this basket. Eventually, we will get a little tape/cd player to put in her room so that we can play a story tape for her while she's in there for at least a part of the allotted alone time. I also want to get a digital clock that I can put on her night stand, where I can tape the number "4" to match up with the number 4 on her clock. This will help her to know when she can come out of her room so that she won't holler or bang on walls to get attention!

So far, so good! I'd like to know-what do those of you with children use for your Quiet Times? How long do you make those times?

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  1. Awesome, Sarah! Wow, I hear ya on the banging and hollering. We made a "no banging on the door" things have improved a bit.

    I just can't get my 3.5 year old to stay ALONE for that long. He's an "E". He wants me in the room with him. So...if he has an activity (whether it's computer time or tracing letters or playing with stacking robots), he's good...and I can either be on the computer or on my bike trainer or reading a that's working better for us. But ya, two hours was incredibly hard for him to be alone. Two minutes is hard. Really.

    I'm very curious to hear how the story tape idea goes...Peter is very hands-on, so I'm not sure the auditory stimulation would keep his attention. But maybe in combo with something else. Anyway, let me know how it goes with Hannah!

    Good job, mama. You're finding things that work. =)