Sunday, January 9, 2011

So here I am. I haven't really written much in a while. Why? I guess my three munchkins dominate too much of my time, therefore leaving me unable to just sit down and have some thoughtful moments in which to express my mind in written form. That and, what's so exciting about cold, grey winter days where you are cooped up inside, trying to keep little ones occupied Out of trouble? If anyone has any neat little ideas up their sleeve of things to do inside, I'd be more than happy to hear them! :)
I've begun my 2011 reading... I've actually read most of Large Family Logistics. A book that I would totally recommend reading, whether you've started a family or not! It has such a lot of wonderful and useful information in it. It is textbook size, and I am not kidding. It's big.
I've also started reading MotherStyles. Very intruiging, really. It uses the Meyers-Briggs personality test, and transfers it over to help you figure out what personality type of mother you are. What recharges you, what makes you motivated, what wears you out? I THINK I am an ESFJ type. I believe I lean more toward the extrovert, rather than the Introvert. My one thought on this is-How can I actually BE around people more? I am pretty much at home all. the.time. And it grows wearying. It really does. It's nice to get out and be with people. At least some times! Unlike many whom these books seem to be geared towards, we ARE at home. We DON'T have a running here and there schedule. In fact, it's almost TOO boring if that is possible. I find that Hannah really seems to want something more to happen in her day. She likes action and doing. She wonders each day-"What are we going to DO today?" Though she also loves being at home, I know she would love to be able to go somewhere at least once a week. I need to work on this. Not sure where to begin. Nathan, on the other hand, seems to do fine. Although he loves a day at work with daddy to be sure!
At any rate, it's all real thought provoking.
For the start of this week, I feel mainly caught up. I was sick for the latter part of last week and it's amazing how things can downward spiral in a household when the mama is down! Even though Mike did a Lion's share of work around here, it's still a lot to keep up with. So, I spent this weekend getting caught up and getting the house in functioning order again. Folding mountains of laundry which Mike had washed for us, but I hadn't gotten folded and put away. And dishes. You know-the two things that never end? :) But I think I can say that I have ended this day satisfyingly and I can start a new week happily.
So, I guess I'll end this for now. I am too tired to think of anything more to write about. My inspirations seem to have left me for the time being....
Happy week to all!

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  1. Have you tried to see if there are any playgroups in your area? It's a great way to meet other moms! Also, if there's a MOPS in your area, that's a great group too!