Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Three Weeks of Joy: Consistency

6. Today, I will pray to be consistently consistent. I will create safe rhythms that our children can find security in. I will create daily ceremonies because everyday we are celebrating the gift of now!
This week's focus on the Three Months of Joy is CONSISTENCY.
I am working on consistency in my children's days. Rhythm and routine. I am working on creating specific morning and evening routines.
I am working on consistency in punishment for the kids. If I say something, I give a warning, if that warning is violated, then there is consequence right away. No more warnings after that.
I am working on consistency in Bible readings and schooling.
And I am working on being consistent in the little things.
Our current SKELETON routine looks somewhat like this:
8:00-Breakfast. followed by: clean-up, dishwasher emptied, laundry started, quick house clean-up. Dressed, baby up, fed and dressed.
Morning Bible Time
10:00- Learning Time, quick light snack
12:00-Lunch time
2:00-Naptime/Quiet Time
4:00- Quick Clean-up
Prepare for bed-bathe if bath night, PJ's, brush teeth, etc
7:00-Family Time-watch movie, read stories
8:00- Bedtime and prayers
I am purposing to be very consistent in our Bible reading time each day. Now, Hannah brings me the Bible to read and reminds me to take that time! Consistency does pay off!

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