Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday: Laundry

This wonderful laundry basket system works for me! I first saw the idea for this on Ana White's website and knew right away that this was a "must-build" sort of thing. So, I showed it to my dad before Christmas and he agreed to build it for me! When my parents were here around New Year's, dad and Mike went out and got the supplies for this and dad built it for me. I LOVE it. There are two rolling carts with three laundry baskets in each one. I put Whites on top, lights/mediums in the middle and darks/denims in the bottom. I keep one cart in my room behing my door and one in Nathan's room behing his door. It works excellently! When the baskets are filled, I roll the cart out to the laundry area (which unfortunately happens to be a closet in the kitchen!) and begin my laundry. No longer do I have floors filled with sorted laundry and heaps of it stacked on top of the washer. Now, all that's on top of the washer are dirty dish towels. I encourage you to hop on over to Ana White's take a look at the plans and get your hubby or dad or even yourself to make this! It is a life saver. :)

Raising Homemakers


  1. I heart ana white!!!!! We are making the farmhouse bed this summer. Can't wait!

  2. Sarah, it looks great! Glad it is so useful!

  3. That is such a cool idea!! I'm glad it is working for you. Speaking of laundry, I need to do that today!