Thursday, February 24, 2011

Always Learning

Over the past weekend we went to Family Campmeeting in the central part of Florida. I just want to say what a blessing it was to me. No, I didn't get to converse at length with the other families there... but I DID get to observe them and I DID get to feel the blessing influence they had. I DID get the encouragement of just being around other families who's goal's are the same as my own. I am so glad that we went. The meetings we very encouraging. They helped to solidify my thoughts, they gave me ideas to implement and they encouraged my Christian walk and my marriage.
There were several significant points that I want to remember:

*Smile More-even if you have to post signs around the house to help you remember!
*Spend time with God first thing-without it, it's like running through the day on our own fuel.
*Start helping the children develop their own quiet time each morning-start young!
*Implement an 11:00 Quiet Hour-teaches the kids to sit quietly for church at that specific time, regulates their bodies. During that time, listen to sermons, read Bible Stories, sing.
*Help children memorize Scripture and Songs!
*Little ones are capable of far more than we give them credit for!
*Courtesy in marriage-more thank you's and please's, more thoughtful gestures, exemplify the good.
*Spend time preparing for the Sabbath day so as to make it the happiest day of the week.
*Listen to that still small voice and don't push it aside-it can mean the difference of life and death.
*Order and regularity are key when raising children. Our world was created and based on order and regularity.
*Cheerfulness, Structure and a mother who is not weary in well doing are some of the keys to a happy home.
*Implement daily Family Play Time-rotate who get's to choose what we do and the entire family gets involved

These are just a few thoughts that I came away with. The messages were powerful and, quite honestly, I truly hope we can go to another family campmeeting in the year (s) to come. It was such a blessing!

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  1. Very good thoughts. Thanks for sharing! Maybe we can go sometime when it is in our area.