Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Springtime is just around the corner and boy am I glad! I am having all sorts of "springy" ideas floating through my head and I love the sense of excitement it brings to life. I've been sort of down for quite a while now. Struggling to keep my head above water and feel the joy in life. Feeling overwhelmed with everything. I'm beginning to float towards the surface. More good night sleeps, some hours away from the children (helped immensely), some time at the salon to get my hair more manageable and "happy" again, sunshiny days, puppies selling, long chats with the hubby and the promise that we'll be home soon. All have helped to lift my head above the waves of life.
But now... Now.... I'm dreaming of spring. Just look at this bright spring colored dress. Doesn't it make YOU think of spring?! (more thoughts on spring to come. stay tuned! :) Hannah picked this out the other day. I took her and Rebecca to the library where Hannah happily picked out books. Then I took them to Target and Hannah picked out this dress and leggings as well as a cute jacket. Hannah was thrilled with her alone time with mommy and it really helped to improve her mood. She's been struggling lately. Wanting to go home. Having a hard time adjusting to sharing a room with her brother here in Florida. Feeling my mood. Feeling bored. Etc... hense she was beginning to turn a little sour. Some time away from the others with just me really seemed to pick her spirits up. We all need time away, right? :) I need to remember that even though she is growing older, she still needs special and close time with her mommy. Maybe even more so. And I can't just brush aside her feelings. I need to take time to feel her needs and to meet them. She's feeling much happier these days. She's feeling loved and that makes me glad.

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