Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Springing into Spring

Spring is coming! My mind is running wild with ideas!

~Garden Planning

~Flowers and Yard Beautification

~Bird Feeding Station

~Springtime Reading-light, festive and happy (suggestions??)

~Giving the house a 'new look' that says SPRING (things like throw pillows, flowers, airy curtains...)

~Sewing-cute pants for kids, skirts for Hannah, throw pillows, (curtains?) reading blanket

~Create Outside Havens (areas) -Sandbox under beech tree, water fun area, Build Swing Set.

~Picnic Area with picnic basket ready to go-picnic type foods in pantry available.

~Outside reading bag with blanket

~Outings planned-zoo, camping, hiking, day trips

~Outdoor nature study. I'm thinking of Usborne books-(and butterfly nets, flower press, big catcher and magnifying glasses)

I've also got an idea for a fun blog series- "Springing into Spring-making a house a home"

I'm thinking guest posts on topics such as: organization, living clutter free, orderliness, Godly Atmosphere, Special touches (decorating), Bringing the outdoors indoors, Cookery, Handmade creations....

And I'm thinking even maybe a giveaway or two. Wouldn't that be fun?! So... if you or someone you know would be willing to write and contribute an article on any of these topics let me know in the comments section. I'll be working on making a button link for it and getting it all together for probably the month of April!


  1. Sounds very fun. Isn't it funny how we get spring fever after months of chill and darkness?! Not funny at all. I would love to guest post! Count me in!

  2. Sounds fun, I am excited! I would love to help with a guest post, just let me know what you need! is a great site to make buttons with, that is where I make all of mine, including my banner. Can't wait!