Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time Away-Quilt and Craft Sale

Yesterday I was able to take some time away. What a blessing. Mike's Grandmother and I went to the Annual Mennonite Quilt and Craft Benefit Sale. I really enjoy browsing all the handmade items for sale as well as taking pictures of the pretty Quilts hanging for sale and viewing.
(This quilt is for you, Heather G.-Miss flip flop queen. Isn't it adorable?!)This year, I was on a hunt to find a new purse. A handmade one. After much searching I found the one. (there's a paper bag behind it, didn't realize that it looked like it was almost part of the purse.)
Afterwards, we went down to the Amish quilt shop. I found some adorable fabrics to make the cutest pants ever! These pants are patterned to be either girl or boy, with either cuffs on the bottom or a ruffle, optional pockets on sides or back, just darling. I had actually created some pants similar to this in style by just folding a pair of pants in half, but wasn't able to get the waist quite the right width to comfortably fit the kid's waists. So, I saw this pattern and a sample display of the pants hanging up and showed it to Mike's grandma... she ended up having the same pattern here at the house! So, she's going to let me use it. I am really excited about that. The pattern is only one piece, therefore quite easy to cut out and make up. Yay! My kind of project!
I also got a beautiful handmade Bible case/cover which I am completely tickeled with!
So, this three hours away from children (Rebecca slept the entire time we were gone at home-Mike had it easy!) really gave me a bit of a lift. It had been such a long time since I'd been out of the house without kids. It was amazing not to feel them pulling on me at every turn, or needing this or that the entire time we were gone. Haha
I'm really thankful that Mike was willing to watch the kids for me and let me go for a little while. He knew I needed time away and he let me go.
It doesn't take a lot to lift one's spirits. Just a little time away. Time to breathe. Time to be ME again. That's nice.


  1. YAY -- you did get some time away! =) Good for you! I LOVE the pink and white daisy looking quilt. Beautiful.

  2. I love the flip flop one! Aww, thanks for thinking of me. :p So glad you were able to get away for a while!