Thursday, March 3, 2011

Budgeting without Cash

Not everyone has cash to put into neat little white envelopes each month.
Some of us know about how much money we recieve in the month give or take a little.
For us, it's depending on whether or not that renter pays or not. Or if that puppy sells or not, etc...
We never have a certain amount each week to divy out to this expense and that.
We know our bills and how much they are each month.
We allot a certain amount to food.
Then there's toiletries/household cleaning items, diapers, formula, vitamins, misc.
So How do you work it when there's no cash to work with?
That was our question.
We found a solution.
Credit Card Budgeting.
Less than ideal, I'll admit. I'd rather have those nice little white envelopes and tangible money to work with. But, it works for us. And that's what matters.
Here's how it looks for me:
Each month I have an alloted amount that I can spend on groceries, toiletries, diapers, formula, misc. and some personal. It's one lump sum. I in turn divy it out into the columns. I have a set amount for groceries, unless I am going to be doing a food co-op order or something. In which case I would set aside more in my budget towards that and less would go into the other categories. I have a little black notebook with columns and spaces and after each trip to the store I divide out how much went to groceries, how much went into baby (diapers and formula) and how much went into toiletry/household items. I deduct the total of what was spent from my monthly allotment and the remaining sum is what I have left to work with during the remainder of the month.
This really works for us because it relieves my husband's (and mine) frusteration when the bill comes and it's more than what he thinks it ought to be. This way, we have an agreed amount for me to use and I have a tally of what I have spent and where it went. Works both ways! I am glad to rid myself of that problem and find something that Works for Me! :)


  1. Sounds pretty easy. I have tried various budgeting strategies. I maybe should try this one as I haven't found one that I really like yet.

  2. Not trying to be too personal but what happens if you do not get rent you expected or a puppy does not sell? Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? He has lots of helpful advise and you can even download a free podcast everyday on itunes. We have learned lots from his book and listening to him give advise to others. He also has budgeting sheets on his website. I personally use Quicken since my man does some side work and we have to deal with that separately during tax time.