Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cleaning Lists

So here is my new and improved cleaning lists as promised:

To Do Daily:
Before Breakfast:
Personal Bible Time
Shower and Dress
Clean Room and Bathroom
Start Load of Laundry

After Breakfast:
Clean up Breakfast Dishes
Load and Unload Dishwasher
Wipe Kitchen Countertops
Start Dinner Prep
Switch Load of Laundry

After Lunch:
Clean up Lunch Dishes
Load Dishwasher
Sweep Kitchen Floor
5 minute Pickup
Wipe Dining Room glass door

Before Dinner:
Dinner Prep
Fold Load of Laundry and put away
Day of the Week Chores
5 minute pick up

After Dinner:
Clean up Dinner Dishes
Load dishwasher and run
Quick overall clean up

Daily Chores:
Monday: Wash Master Bedroom Bedding, Clean master bathroom, mop kitchen floor

Tuesday: Wash Children's bedding, vacuum living room and playroom, wipe down table and chairs.

Wednesday: Clean kitchen bathroom, vacuum bedrooms, dusting (kids will do while I vacuum)

Thursday: Wipe down all kitchen surfaces and washer and dryer, wipe out fridge, mop kitchen floor (possibly assign to hubby?)

Friday: Wash cloth diapers, wash kitchen sink, cook for Sabbath

Sabbath: Day of Rest and Fellowship.

Sunday: Plan menu, plan homeschool and schedule out, plan one outing for week, plan Sabbath activity.

I also have a monthly/semi annual cleaning list. It includes things like wiping down ceiling fan blades, cleaning out the car, sweeping out garage, washing all the windows, etc....
I am looking forward to putting this organized plan into action. Any help like this that I can get is wonderful to keep my head screwed on tight and onto business at hand. :)


  1. Wow, you go girl!! This looks awesome! I think mine will be a work in progress, I know I will find more things to add to it!!

  2. I just awarded you a Stylish Blog Award. Check out my link to claim it!