Friday, March 25, 2011

If I could have a choice...

I would make our grocery budget limitless. *laughs* Yeah, that sounds kind of funny once I wrote it out, but c'mon people! I love to make things in the kitchen, and it's hard to have the hinderance of a tight budget in that area. If I had a limitless amount, think of all those Taste of Home recipes that i could actually make! (and eat, and get fat on. lol) Or those amazing salads using those 3.00 a piece red, yellow and orange peppers! How about stir fry's using all fresh ingredients and incredible exotic mushrooms? Desserts that are just mouthwatering.... Wow. I'd better stop, I'm beginning to salivate. You could buy all organic if you wished, and you could try all those things that you'd really love to try one day, but they are too expensive to do so. You could use 1/2 of pure maple syrup in a recipe and feel guiltless about doing so. Wow. Doesn't that just sound amazing? *sighs* Oh well. I guess I am just feeling the crunch of trying to come up with something yummy to make and eat, while waiting until the first of the month to go shopping again. Coming back home from Florida to an empty refrigerator and pantry was rough on this month's grocery budget real early on.
Last night I thought I'd make these really great burgers. I had them all ready to cook. I turned to put something away in the cupboard, looked back and saw Nathan standing with the salt container lid open. I rushed towards him to grab it out of his hands, thinking I had made it in time.... that's when I looked in the bowl and saw probably a 1/2 cup of salt laying on top of the mix. Yuck. I scooped and spooned and tried to get it all out. I thought I was fairly successful, until we tasted the burgers. They were so salty they made you sick to eat them. So much for that yummy entree! We ended up eating baby potatoes and greenbeans instead. (good thing I made that blueberry dump cake for dessert!)
However, in lieu of all that's going on over in Japan right now-I'm just thankful for the food that I DO have and the tasty things that I CAN make with it. :)

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