Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Life is filled with intentions. At least my life is!
I intend to smile more
I intend to wake up earlier in the morning
I intend to be more structured in scheduling
I intend to have more special moments with my husband
I intend to eat better
I intend to exercise more
I intend to work on my childrens eating habits
I intend to help my children memorize more scripture
I intend to teach my daughter piano
I intend to.....
Get the point? Our lives are filled with so many good intentions and how many of them do we truly accomplish? Most of these that I mentioned are really on-going intentions. They aren't something that I want to do for just one day and then move on. These are things that I want incorporated into my life!
So how do we/I start in making these intentions reality?
Well, to remind myself to smile more often, I could post signs around reminding me (*smile*).
I could help my kids memorize scripture by playing scripture songs throughout the day, giving them one verse to learn each day at worship time, etc...
But those are the little things. (and even those can be hard to do consistently.)
How do I work on the larger items such as exercise. And getting up before my kids (how on earth!) How do I really get that schedule to work and be implemented into my day?
These are the biggies.... The things that would really make a difference in my life. I guess a good place to start would be to make a schedule. Stick to it and see what happens. Life happens, that's what! However, I learned at the family campmeeting we went to that, if you had a daily job on the work force, you would have to get up at a certain time or else. You would have to do these certain things at a certain time and in many circumstances, time would be of the essence. And things would have to be done at certain times.
So If I could do it on the work force, why not in my own home?
I am currently working on a do-able, workable schedule, trying to put into time slots those things which are important to me and my family. I will let you know how its coming along. But first, I really need to get back home to Tennessee. It's hard to keep a firm schedule when you are living with other family!
Simple Mom has a great resource for a daily docket to organize your day. I like that. I also really like Money Saving Moms free printables for household management. I am planning on filling these out for myself and starting to use them. I think they will make a difference. They will help me feel more organized and on track for the day instead of floating in space somewhere, wondering what to do next. (not that I have that trouble too often! With three younguns' my time is always going somewhere! but I would like it to be more structured and SEE where it is going!)
Hopefully, I can begin making these intentions become realities. :)

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