Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Day

In honor of this day of "all things green" I made the family green pancakes for breakfast-attempting to make cloverleafs... it lasted a few rounds before I went back to the usual round circles. :) The kids thought it was amazing. Hah!
We made Shamrocks.... tore bits of green paper and glued them to the shamrocks... too bad I didn't take the finished picture! We also made shaving cream rainbows and learned about mixing colors to make new colors. Fun stuff! Again, no pictures-too busy overseeing food coloring and shaving cream foam to fool with a camera! :) We searched for clover leaves in the yard.... And we wore what green we owned. :) We had an enjoyable time together.
Tonight is Family Fun night and we're going to do a little BBQ'ing and maybe roast a few marshmallows too. Then we're going to play some games! Sounds like fun for my little crowd.

Happy St. Patty's Day!


  1. Sounds VERY fun!!! Good job mama Sarah! ;)

  2. Can I come over and play today?! :) Sounds like a blast!