Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kitchen Surfaces

Today I went through my kitchen and cleaned all of the surfaces. Decluttering and making it more eye appealingIt's always fun to see what a little re-arranging can do for a space! My to-do lists and schedules hanging on the fridge for an easy glance...
Little ditty's hanging on the wall that make me smile
a canister filled with utensils. This 'used' to be a cookie jar, but I have obviously repurposed it!
No more clutter pile on my countertop. I used a basket. One "pocket" for papers, one for pens, one for misc. and one for spare change. Love.
My kitchen sink and the window that looks out on the fields.... And it sure looked pretty out there today. The sun is shining! I am so happy! Tomorrow may very well be more clouds, but for today? I am basking in the sunshine.


  1. Nice!! Love clean, organized spaces!!

  2. Good job, that is one cute kitchen, I love being in the kitchen all day long!

  3. Looks awesome! Now I need to do the same thing to mine! :)

  4. thanks girls! Renee'- its a good thing you enjoy being there because it's where we are a lot, isn't it?! I love the kitchen too!