Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living for NOW/Good Morning Girls

There are always so many things I think about during the day that I could write a post on. Seems that when I sit down to write, my mind goes blank and I'm just not sure what it was that I wanted to say! Ever feel that way?

I guess the big thing that I have been pondering lately is my morning devotions from the book of James. Recently, my best "sis", Heather, started a Good Morning Girls group. If you haven't heard of Women Living Well and Courtney's sister site, Good Morning Girls, I highly suggest you hop on over there now and check it out! What an inspiration this lovely Christian lady is in her walk with the Lord. I am continually blessed by her blogs. But, back to topic at hand. Good Morning Girls is comprised of women who get together to form groups and study the Bible together. The head of these groups is Courtney. She and a friend of hers give weekly Bible reading assignments with a S.O.A.P sheet in which stands for: Scripture (write the scripture out), Observation (write down 2 things you observed from the text) Application (2 ways I can apply this to MY life.) Prayer (pray over what you have learned and how you can best apply it to your life today. Each day is assigned 1-3 verses to study and ponder. After we fill out our sheets, we then email our group with our thoughts from that days lesson. Every quarter, Courtney starts a new session. I must say that this experience has been priceless for me thus far. I am so excited about what I am reading and learning and hearing from the other ladies in my group.

So this quarter we are studying the book of James. I came in on week 8, so we are well into the book. However-what an amazing time to enter the study, starting in Chapter 4. There has been so much to absorb and take in. So much that is pertinent to the here and now and the current events that have been happening across the world. Our lives are but a vapor-here one moment and gone the next. How true for the people of Japan.... How true for that person in that car accident on the highway. How true for the husband who never woke up in the morning. How true for this mother who lost her temper with her children today-she is not promised tomorrow.

So how are we living our lives? Are we living as if we have forever to do what we want to do? Or are we living as if every day counts to the fullest? As if we are not promised tomorrow... What secret sins are we harboring in our lives? What do we choose to hang on to day after day, choosing it over our Lord (in essence)? What things are we putting off til tomorrow, saying then we will do better? James says, "Go to NOW." we don't know what will happen on the morrow, for we are but a vapor."

These are certainly heavy thoughts to ponder. I am the type of person that likes to plan and do this or that when this other thing is accomplished first. (you know what I mean?) Whereas, I am seeing that I need to make plans and then act upon them today. Not putting them off for some other day in the future. So, how does that look in real life? I want my children to be ready for Heaven. Therefore, I want to spend time reading to them in the Bible, singing scripture songs, teaching them to surrender to Jesus, etc etc.... But I am so busy! My life is a spinning circle of countless "to-do's" I'll start on this next week. NO! Life is not going to slow down anytime soon folks. We cannot count on tomorrow any longer! Even if our efforts are small and seemingly feeble, if we do our best, today, it counts for the best. So, play those scripture songs while you're making supper and sing along with them! Stop cleaning house and sit down with your children and read those Bible stories to them!

Or, what about this life change-Exercise. One thing I have struggled with for so long-making time to exercise. Put in on your schedule. Start today! make those efforts and you will be rewarded!

Another big on for me-finding time to spend with Jesus each day. "I'll do it after I am able to sleep more frequently and consistently through the night." Mmmhmm... That was pretty high on my excuse list. I'll admit! It's a good excuse, right?! And yet, I found myself running through the day on my own fuel-and mainly, it was just exhaust fumes, really... :) Are you with me? So, I made a realistic time to rise and shine and dig into God's Word. I'm not saying that I am able to do this consistently every single morning, but folks, I am sure trying. And the difference it makes for me throughout the day is impressive. It really is. I am so thankful! Good Morning Girls has been a terrific insentive for me to study and dig into the Word and not just skim over a few verses and say "there, I read my Bible."

The big point I am trying to make in all of this is that we need to live for NOW. If there are things we are not liking in our homes, our marriages, ourselves, our children, our diet, our relationship with the Lord, etc etc... we need to begin making steps today to change those things. Like never before, we are ending the close of time. Jesus will be coming soon and I want to be ready so badly. I do not want to be found wanting. I do not want to be filled with regrets and think that I could have done better.

I want to do my best, with God's help, today.

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  1. Awesome thoughts! I am being blessed by this new group too! I'm so glad you are doing it with me! *hugs*