Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Bread

I aquired this lovely hematoma: (picture doesn't do it justice!!) While making this delicious bread:
One loaf is already half gone.... You'll notice my loaves of bread are a bit differently shaped. Can loaves! Cool, huh? Well my family thinks so. And quite frankly they are great for slicing into perfect sized pieces for sandwhiches too. And you can fit SO many more loaves into your oven at one time. Only con would be that it takes longer for them to bake. But not bad. I used THIS wonderful recipe.... It's a real winner. I love that it has so much wholesome goodness in it as well.
And I love that my mom gave me her DLX Bread Machine to use too! It was so super easy to make this batch of bread. Cleaning up was a cinch, and I barely got my hands doughy at all. It was wonderful. (big smiles)
So... how did my elbow get that hideous hematoma on it? Well.... the timer went off after the typical 35 minute baking time for the regularly shaped loaves and I thought I'd test them to see about how much longer I thought they needed. So I pulled a can out of the oven, tapped the sides while wearing my oven mits and then slid the loaf out onto the counter. Well, the loaf began to sag and I knew it needed longer to bake, but I needed to get it back into the can! So I started to slide it gently back inside when all of the sudden my hand touched that very HOT can and I let out a Yelp and my elbow went jerking back into the air and SMASHED into the cabinet above. Yeeeee-ouch! Wowzers that hurt. That still hurts. I sat with ice on it for half of forever this evening for the bit lump to finally subside a bit, but ouch. Never do that, ok? It really hurts. Trust me on that.... By the way-the bread needed 20 more minutes to be perfectly done-after the previous 35 minutes.


  1. Ouch! That sounds painful!! The bread looks yummy though!

  2. Oh dear!! I'm so sorry -- hope you can sleep on the other side tonight... =)

  3. Ouch kibibble that looks like it hurts :(

  4. Ohhh, that does look painful! But the bread looks great!

    I found your blog through Raising Homemakers. I'm your newest follower!