Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitude Monday

~Tasty pizza, homemade

~baby swings

~Bible stories with kids listening so intently

~The promise of Christ's soon return

~Prophecy being fulfilled

~Nathan's fun laugh

~pungeant woodsmoke

~Childish banter

~baby food smeared face

~Early morning quiet

~Sun shining bright

~juicy, sweet oranges

~clean laundry

~windows open

~Sabbath promises

~Freshly tilled soil

~weeds pulled

~Roses pruned

~Sleeping children

~Warm showers

~A loving, helpful husband

~homemade bread

~big smiles from my boy

~leaf buds and tiny new leaves

~Green grass

~safety through storms

~The smell of orange pledge

~Cleaning routines that work

~Hot cups of cocoa

~Candles flicker

~New recipes to try/new flavors

~little helpers in the kitchen

~Tiny, soft baby, laying sleeping on my shoulder

~Feeling loved

~Naps for tired children

~Relaxing massage-thank you honey

~Day's end...
...and so much more-there's not room enough to write it all. I am loving my journal sitting on my countertop with pen attached, writing all these wonderful blessings that the Lord sends our way each and every day. Thank you Jesus for your love.


  1. Now my computer is acting out sorry if this is a double comment

    Love all those blessing, they put a smile on my face this morning :-)

    Cloth diapers cover question, we use Bummis covers, some homemade wool covers, and some motherease covers,, if any question you can email me :-)

  2. Your penned thoughts are a delight to the soul! "Windows open, freshly tilled soil..." ...mmmm.