Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nathan and his Room

We've had this trouble for an on-going amount of time now. I decided today it was time to take action. Here's how the scenario plays out: We tuck Nathan into his bed (keep in mind that he is 2 1/2 years old.) A moment later out he comes, blankie and puppy in hand, "Mommy, Nate no like horsey in his room. It scares Nate." So I dutifully follow him into his room, have him show me which horsey he doesn't like (his room is decorated cowboy style with horses!) And I take it out of his room and tuck him back in. A moment later- "Mommy, Nate scared of dat horsey." Mommy sighs. "Which horsey now, Nathan?" I remove another stuffed horsey off of his dresser and once more tuck him into sleep. This really gets tiring, as you can imagine. By this time, I just want to put him in his bed and have him stay there for the night! He just doesn't seem to be comfortable in his own room!

So today, I decided. I asked him to come with me into his room and show me the things that he did NOT want in his room anymore and we would put them away for now. I asked him to show me the things that he didn't like, or that scared him when it was dark. We turned out the lights and I had him lay down on his bed like he typically would. He immediately pointed to the two horses that sat on his dresser. So, we removed those (*sniff-they were so cute!) He showed me several horses, a stuffed koala bear, a teddy bear, a stuffed puppy, a blanket, a stick horse, and a couple of other things that just didn't make him feel comfortable in his own room. We re-arranged a few things and he told me what he wanted on his dresser instead of the horses. (he got a little carried away at this point and told me he didn't like his diapers in his room either. lol!) At any rate, by the time we were finished, his room felt really nice and uncluttered, and he was pretty happy about it all. I just hope all that effort pays off tonight when he goes down for some shut-eye at days end! At least he sure seems to feel better about it all! He has quite the imagination! I guess he didn't feel very good about all those eyes staring at him!!! *laughs* We'll see......


  1. Good solution!! I hope it works tonight!!

  2. Let us know how it worked out! I was the same way when I was his age.