Monday, March 14, 2011

Rebecca is Half a Year Old!

Look at that sweet baby! She's a strong little munchkin. On the 8th she turned half a year old! My how time does fly. Today she went in for her check-up. She gained 2 pounds since her last visit at 4 months, grew 2 inches and her head grew an inch in circumference. Good job baby! :)
I expressed my concerns that even a drop of milk touching her skin causes her to break out in hives. The Doctor suggested we see an Allergist and have her tested for food allergies. We know she has a milk allergy. But is it just Lactose? Or is it the whole milk? And, what is causing the eczema rash behind her knees? Most likely an allergy of some sort. So.... next Wednesday we'll be seeing an Allergy Doctor and getting her tested for food allergies to see what's up! (or down, right?) Meanwhile, the Doctor gave me a cream to help relieve some of the red rash right behind her knee's. She was pronounced to be in good health and doing great! :)
So, what is baby up to these days? Well, she rolls all over the place, front and back, doesn't matter. She can sit up pretty stably on her own. She likes to eat solids. Doesn't like peas for sure. When frusterated she blows hard against closed lips. She's big on playing with her toys. She rode home 14 hours from Florida and cried not once! Such a content and happy baby.
We are just so blessed to have her in our lives!!
~Happy 6 months Rebecca Joy~


  1. Wow, that's a long trip for a baby. Good job Rebecca!

  2. All three of my kids got a rash behind their knees. It is moist? If you dont get it cleaned quick enough will there be a white/yellowish stuff right in the bend of the knee? With my kids we just tried to remember to wipe out their bends( knees, elbows, neck area) whenever we changed their diapers and it seemed to help.

  3. Happy 6 month birthday Rebecca!!