Friday, March 18, 2011

Recap of the Week

It's been a really good week. I am so glad too. It's our first week being back home in Tennessee after being gone to Florida for 6 weeks. I am always elated to be back in my own home! Though I must admit to thoroughly enjoying the warmth and sun of Florida this year!!
I've certainly been busy in this past week too. First we had to unload and unpack everything-that's always a big job. Then I went through all the toys in the house and all of Nathan's closet in which toys had been stuffed before we left for Florida. I got rid of stuff and reorganized the toys. Instead of having three drawer units on a rotation for toys, I just narrowed it all down to just two drawer units and put them both in the play room. Free's up the closet, and really just simplify's it all a whole lot. I found they were just trying to get into the toys that were put away and it was just making a greater mess than ever. So... problem solved. :)
Next I moved on to kid clothes. There was quite an overload, folks! I did Nathan and Hannah's dressers and closets. Removing too small clothes, clothes that never get worn, clothes that are too stained to be much use. Now we can open those dresser drawers with ease! I still have to go through my clothes and Rebecca's. Was wanting to do that this week, however, the baby sleeps in my room and that's where both of our clothes are! So it's hard to get a chance. Perhaps this weekend?
I followed my schedule very nicely this week, with the exception of not being able to fit in the 11:00 Church train time in. I am finding that very tricky to accomodate! Although, we ARE having Bible story time, just at a bit later of a time in the morning (or sometimes earlier) The kids are enjoying to the fullest the Bible Story books by Arthur S. Maxwell. We are currently reading volume 6 and it's been all about Daniel so far. The kids beg me for story after story, they are so interested!
As a whole, I am very happy with how the schedule is working, and I love my new cleaning schedule so that I don't feel pressured to do everything in one day. It's working like a dream! (at least this week it did!)
I am getting up early each morning, which I have been wanting to do for so long and finally took the plunge to do. I am finding it gives me a real spring on the day and is just what I needed.
Took a walk yesterday, while Nathan rode his four wheeler (well, his and hannah's. ;) heard a little voice say "Help me! help me mommy!" Turned around and got the biggest laugh of the day at what I saw..... Nathan surrounded by Chickens, one staring him right in the face! LOL! He really wasn't sure quite what to think of this!
Worked on sewing myself a skirt from some fabric that I had gotten this winter. Love the fabric, don't you?! Hate the pattern. Or at least how it is all explained. And do NOT like the fact that I was cheated out of material and didn't have enough to properly make the skirt! I had to rearrange and refigure over and over until I made it quite different than the pattern showed and still..... STILL.... It didn't fit. BOO. I am so sad! I can't get it over my hips! Guess I'll have to work on them. Either that or give it to someone with smaller ones than my own. Hehe

I am using Jillian Michael's 30 day shred for a workout nearly every day. Can't say that I have really lost any weight yet, but my figure is trimming down just the same. Perhaps I am building muscle and losing inches rather than the weight just yet. Time will tell. It's only the first week of it. Speaking of working out, I have found that between getting up early (before all the rest of the gang), taking Alive brand Woman's multimineral/multivitamin (includes 26 fruits and vegetables in it too), and exercise-I am feeling great! yeehaw! (also eating alot more salad)
Another thing that we've enjoyed implementing is the Family Night, Movie Night and Date night into our week. The kids like looking forward to watching something on tuesday nights and I like planning something fun to do as a family on Thursday nights (like we did yesterday-fun supper, 'smores and Candy Land!) It's also nice to have a set aside evening that's special for just Mike and I.
Well, I am off to get just a little reading in before the kidlets awaken from their naptime slumber... been really working on getting the timing right for all three of them to nap at the same time... 3 days this week were success. Hurray for that!
Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Success all around!!!!! WAY to go! Ya, I'm not necessarily losing weight yet, but inches, YES! Feels so good. Love the family night idea. =)