Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, here it is folks! I've been diligently working on it all last week. My Schedule. My Weekly to-do lists, etc... I don't want my life to be just intentions. I want them to become realities. So here goes! I feel like this schedule is very workable and do-able. It is mainly what we *try* and do anyways, but there is more structure to it and I have worked on fitting some of the important things into it that sometimes didn't feel like I had time for.

Schedule Spring 2011
6:00 Mom and dad up for devotions, shower and dressed
7:00 Kid’s up-begin concept of personal devotions (Bible story tape, with Bible picture book), dressed
8:00 Breakfast and cleanup
9:00 Learning Time with Hannah and Nathan
11:00 Church Train (involves sitting quietly while I read, or we listen to a sermon)
12:00 Lunchtime
1:00 Outdoor Play/Exercise
2:00 Naptime/Quiet Time
4:00 Snack, Supper Prep, Exercise, Quick Cleanup
6:00 Suppertime, after which is shower time which daddy oversees while mom cleans up
7:00 PJ’s, Stories, Songs. (Thursday night is Family Fun Night, Tuesday is Movie night)
8:00 Bedtime for Kids
Couple Time (Sunday night is Date night)
10:00 Lights out

One thing I'd like to do is start teaching Hannah piano. I think we'll incorporate that into Learning Time.

My Weekly Cleaning List is also made out, but I am not sure how to have a document on here. I think I'll print it off and then take a picture of it and upload it perhaps... But I am really happy with it! I'll be sharing it soon.


  1. I like it; I like the quiet time during when church is. I will have to remember that, :) I think that is an awesome idea to promote being quiet during church! I can't wait to see you chore schedule! I actually kept to mine yesterday, I was so happy!!

  2. Sarah, I'm interested to know more about the church training time. I love the idea! I would love to do that. My only concern is my almost 4 and almost 3 yr olds can hardly deal with quiet time. By that I mean, they do well in QT, but they get so bored they just fall asleep after 30 min. or so. So I can' imagine giving them two similar type chunks of time in one day, no less every day! So please, explain to me how you do it, cause I would really love to do it. Like what do you expect Hannah and Nate to do exactly during that time, how much guidance do you give them, etc. Thank you! -Storie

  3. Hi Storie!! Good questions! :) This is something that I am just going to begin implementing so I am sure it will be trial and error for a while, but I heard the idea from the Restoration International family campmeeting we went to recently and it really hit home to me. It's hard to get our kids to sit still during church because at that particular time they are used to running around doing other things. So, by programming them to be sitting quietly during this time, I am hoping it will help them out on sabbath as well. I am thinking that during this time I may read Bible Stories, or perhaps we'll watch a sermon presentation, or listen to a Story Hour Bible tape. I will work on adding to the time gradually. Starting out with maybe 15-20 minutes and working upwards to closer to an hour. I will be expecting them to be fairly quiet and still and sit on the couch with me. Like I said, we'll see how it all goes in time, but these are my thoughts and I really hope it works out! :) Besides, it's a good bonding together time, even if it doesn't work to make a big difference in church. :)