Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

Spring is here! Yay! Here in Tennessee, the flowering trees are in full bloom and I am loving it.
Yesterday the family and I spent the day outdoors working on prepping the garden for planting, cleaning out the flower bed and just sprucing things up a bit out of doors.
I also did manage to go through mine and Rebecca's clothing and weeding out a bunch of it.
I have a few areas of cleaning left to go on my list and plan to focus on at least one of those areas this week.

*First up there is a place in my kitchen that is less than desirable in my opinion. It's a set of 4 doors that is situated behind my kitchen's island. (well, it's actually IN the island, but the doors open up behind it) Two of these cupboards are filled with this that and everything and the other two are cookbooks, cooking magazines, clipped recipes, etc.... it's really a mess. So I want to change that this week!

I'll let you know later if I get beyond this project this week or not!

Are there trouble spots in your home that you will be working on this week? Leave a comment and tell me what you'll be working on!
Happy Cleaning y'all

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  1. Our office area which is basically part of our dinning room is always a mess. I do not know how to keep it organized!