Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is It Good Enough?

I scold, I hold, I praise, I reprimand. I instruct, I sit and look. I do this and I do that. And yet, is it ever enough? In the whole scheme of things, is it enough? Are my kids feeling my love? Are they feeling my care? Are they learning to obey? Are they learning to trust Jesus? Are they learning right from wrong and how to make good choices? Am I doing good enough with them?
Oh friends, sometimes the days are just overwhelming. By the days end I feel like a whipped pup and just want to sprawl out on the couch in utter exhaustion. What went well? What went wrong? How do I get the courage and the strength to pick up and carry on another day? I take a step and I step on a small person. I try to move and I'm pulled another direction. I try to get something taken care of and a smaller person cries. I feel as if nothing gets done and it all starts over again in the morning. It picks up right where it all left off the night before.
Will that pile of laundry ever be put away? Will those dishes ever be emptied from the sink? Will I ever feel like I've accomplished all I needed to do?
And what about the play times and the giving out of the attention? The being the fun mom that I have visions of being? What about that? Am I giving that to my children? Are they feeling like mama's there to enjoy life with them and interact? Or is she merely sitting nearby in a chair watching? Where's that energy that I need to get up and play? Where's that energy that adds joy and excitement to the littlest of things?
Did I feed them nourishing foods and were their mealtimes on schedule? Did I even follow a schedule today? Oh my my my.... and I sigh.
When the little ones come to me with owies and hurts, how do I respond? Is it good enough? When do you brush it aside and when do you sympathize? And how much sympathizing does it require when the brother pushes the sister and there's tears of frusteration and anger?
Oh, there's just so much. So much to being a mother.
At the day's end, did I teach them enough or well enough about Jesus? Did we weave Him throughout the day? Did I take the time to have worship with my children? Or did I push it all aside because life just took over the day...
Did I sing and be joyous? Or was my tone one of tiredness, defeat and complaint?
When I've gotten to the end of the day, and my children are tucked in their bed's, was all that happened today good enough? Or was it a miserable failure.
Do you have these feelings too? Or am I all alone in these thoughts.
Somehow, these days and these moments all must be surrendered to the Lord. And yet, how often do we struggle through our days without Him. Either He's been forgotten, or we're stubborn and think we can do it on our own. Or maybe we're too afraid of the changes that HE can make in our life? I don't know. But I do know that I need Him. And I need His power. And I need His strength to even want to carry on with this daily struggling battle called life. Because, really, HE is the only One that is Good. And HE can make what I do through Him, "Good enough." In fact, He can make it beautiful. Somehow, someway, HE can make my days beautiful.

Lord, take my days, take my children, take my life and let it all be consecrated to You. Let it all be beautiful in You.

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  1. Hey Sarah, I don't know if you are familiar with Young Ladies Christian Fellowship or not ( but I'm a team writer over there and was wondering if you'd consider letting me use this as a guest post on the blog sometime? I know there are other Mommies out there who would be encouraged by this!

    Email me if you would, and let me know! :) alaskawildrose at gmail dot com