Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Making a Picnic Basket

One thing I am working on is creating a picnic basket. The idea for this is that this basket will be ready to grab at a moments notice and it will have all the basic supplies for a picnic.

Let's get started.

First, we need to select the perfect basket.

Then begin adding all the Necessities:

*Table Cloth (I got a vinyl one from Walmart for 4.88)

*Plastic Plates

*Plastic Ware

*Salt Shaker

*Roll of Paper Towels

*Plastic Cups

Next you want to have things on hand for your lunch. Such as:




*Fresh Fruit

*Veggie Sticks




You can keep what is not perishable right inside the picnic basket and then just briefly add to it when you are ready for your picnic.

The kids and I plan on doing lots of picnics this summer. We have a nice picnic table and when we sit there, we can hear the creek bubbling over the rocks.

There are so many perks to doing a picnic. Being out in nature. No mess inside to clean up. Kids that eat better (at least mine sure seem to eat better out of doors!) and a nice relaxing environment.

I hope this gives you a little boost to get your picnic basket's ready to go for the summer and that you get lots of use out of them. You will be creating many pleasant memories with your children that you both can remember for years to come.

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  1. I don't have a picnic basket, but I have a backpack that I keep all our plastic plates, bowls, utensils, sharp knife/can opener, some plastic bags for trash (grocery sacks), hand sanitizer, napkins, etc. It's been a life saver! Any trip we take or any picnic we want to go on, it's all packed and ready to go at a moments notice! :)