Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Hunny Bunny and Easter

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Mike and the kids are beyond excited. It's kinda funny. They act like it's Christmas or something! I guess it's all along the same lines, right? I've worked hard on instilling within them what Easter really means and now Mike is going to have some fun. Yup. All dad, all kid. ;) He's busy right now creating these fun little baskets for them. They were definitely created by a dad too, the things in them are just too funny. Things I would never pick, and yet things that the kids will have a blast with. That's what dad's are for, right? He's got his bag filled with colorful plastic Easter eggs that he's starting to hide all over the house for the kids to find in the morning. Hannah got home from church today and declared that she was going to go right to sleep and sleep all the way til night and then sleep some more. Just so it could be Easter sooner. Oh boy. She didn't even take a nap for us! I don't know what she was thinking!
Mike also has these little coloring kits and he's planning on coloring eggs with the kids too. Only problem is: Our chickens only lay brown eggs! Kind of hard to color a brown egg!
Mike is also planning out a BBQ dinner. How about Juicy Portabella's grilled in BBQ sauce and stuffed between a bun? Or Veggie Shish kebabs and Pasta Salad? Or what about that homemade Tiramasu cake he's got marinating in the refrigerator? Oh yeah. He's ready for the big day! It's no wonder the kids are excited! I would be too, if I wasn't feeling under the weather! Maybe it will all wear off in my sleep, eh? Yeah, I've had a time of it the past couple of days. Went to church this morning, but left before the sermon was over, just not feeling up to par. Hopefully it will blow over soon. It's hard to be sick and be a mommy. Too much to keep me going. Anyways, back to this talk about Easter and Mike and the kids and all of that.... So I was thinking about all of this "hoop-la" of egg hunts, baskets, bunnies (oh- by the way-the kids are now proud owners of two adorable bunny rabbits- Happy Sunflower (hannahs) and Daddy (Nathan's))) And the whole nine yards. Are we really instilling the right values in our children? Do they really know what Easter is all about? I want my kids to KNOW what this holiday is all about! And it's not all just bunnies, candy and eggs. It's about Jesus. So many kids these days don't even know the real reason. It's sort of become like Christmas in a way. But then, on the other hand, like Christmas, if we know the true reason, and we strive to teach our kids that, and remember that first and foremost, why not have the fun that the day can bring too?
Anyways, that's enough thoughts for tonight. My brain is tired and I think I'd better go to bed. I'm not sure if any of this makes sense, but It was fun to ramble anyways.... :) Here's to hoping *hopping* I feel better in the morning and Hoping you all have a happy Easter-with or without the egg hunts! Let's remember the Reason for the day.

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